Ameera Beth: Living with the Mer and Feminine Sacred Geometry

The glory.

The soothing waves that flow coming over your mermaid essence.

The sheer bliss of surfing and illusions that peel away the spiky freakishness of daily existence.

Breathe in, relax.

Breathe out, relax.

Stop reading now if this is all you are asking for.

What if your lives in parallel spaces, universes are the way to true creation?

Join Ameera Beth and Jeneth on a journey in to being the mermaid of the Real Raw You.

About Ameera Beth

Ameera Beth is a Mer Healer and Atlantean High Priestess, author, and retreat Leader. She works through Divine Source as a conduit for deeper connection to Spiritual mastery, secured sexuality and transcendence into our true form as human angels. She is deeply connected to Atlantean and Lemurian energies, as well as the dolphins, and all sea creatures. Ameera is especially connected to the Mer world, and considers the Mer beings to be her family.

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