Christof Melchizedek: New Earth Architect for Star Seeds

Let’s talk about our ascension to the Golden Age!

In this energetic activation you will receive a coded bio-energy field and DNA reprogramming energetic transmission designed to reprogram your OPERATING SYSTEM to it’s highest energy holding potential. The transmission will focus on clearing clouds, mucus and miasma from your bio-energy field, removing astral objects. It will over writing limiting beliefs, karma, and limiting programming keeping your consciousness capped and your life potential stagnated. It will raise your vibration so that you can attract a higher quality person, opportunity, event and timeline to your reality. Lie down and relax, it is your tie to receive.

About Christof:

Christof serves as a Bio-Genetic Reprogrammer. He accelerates people by raising their vibration, expanding their consciousness and clearing blockages in order to achieve soul mission and purpose.

He accelerates people in fulfilling their life task by raising their Vibration, expanding their Consciousness and clearing Blockages in the way of achieving their Soul Mission.

Christof supports the evolution of our species and planet by supporting the energetic architecture of The New Earth. This means preparing Leaders of the New Earth, and supporting them for their incarnating mission. This means helping to clear old planet grid programming and architect, build and stabilise the New Earth’s energetic matrix.

Founder of the Institute of Divine Potential, developer of a number of coaching and healing certifications, speaker in over 20 countries around the world, coach, mentor author, and devoted husband and father.

Just a few questions asked during this call:

* What planetary awareness are WE awakening to?
* What specifically is happening in during OUR eon of time?
* How does allowing in the light frequencies emerging from our sun?
* What WE “starseeds” need to know during the ascension?
* What was OUR original “starseed” mission and how it can be more fulfilling!
* What are “star gate”s and how they contribute to planetary ascension?

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