Cristina Bevir: Quantum Galactic Activation for Restoring the Lightbody

When you have no words to how quantum this is …

… you allow others to share!

The ALCHEMY of these meditations is beyond anything I have ever experienced…

The Sacred Embodiment Individual Meditation is gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful – WOW!!! After visualising/ feeling/ sensing the Diamond Star in my Divine Core, and Divine Heart, Divine Creative and Divine Mind Centres I could feel/ sense/ visualise, deep relaxation, warmth, colours filling me and surrounding me, weaving through every part of me, and what I can only describe as molecules, coloured and beautiful weaving around me above me and within me. I was shown many personally meaningful images and memories and then back to prisms of beautiful colour. It was all fabulous. I loved it and slept well afterward.

I’ve been meditating every night and getting stronger and reaching higher all time. I had a very restless sleep the other night – a word or sound kept waking me but couldn’t remember it. Then during a meditation I got it again. This time I remembered. The word was ALCHEMY. I’d never heard this word before and thought, “Maybe it’s a beauty product or something I’ve heard advertised.” Until I googled it. I was amazed at what I discovered. And am now questioning, “Did I practice this? Is this what we’ve been doing with Cristina and her Sacred Embodiment healing? Or, is it a key to my future?” Whatever the answer I am totally enthralled, excited, interested – and, lost for words, really! And there’s a first!”

~ J.C.

About Cristina Bevir

Cristina is a multidimensional healer with more than thirty years of experience in the esoteric arts.

She is the creator and teacher of Sacred Embodiment – The Method, a powerful healing system that subtly aligns the body so it can release unwanted emotional and energetic burdens, and, transition the Lightbody into higher vibrational states. She is a specialist in the removal of negative energy architecture, siphoning systems, implants, and mind-control technologies. Through applying esoteric principles to systemic constellations work, she creates the space for deep multi-level group work that cuts through to the heart of the matter and connects you directly with your Soul.

Her mission is the restoration of the Original Human Lightbody, she collaborates with a pure drop of Source, which has manifested here in this realm to help us get Home. Her Lightbody is stationed on the highest frequency of the New Earth.

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