The HeArt of Embodiment in Divine Creation with Dafna Ohana

Dafna’s immersion with the interplay of consciousness and how we are constantly shaping reality offers a wider perspective to the grater narrative we are weaving together and an opportunity to deeply understand the way we Embody Creation in our Life.

As Humans each one of us is a thread in a dynamic flow of consciousness that eternally expands. Interwoven in a symbiotic relationship to Gaia Sophia our collective and the Cosmos, we are part of a larger Oneness that is at the Heart of all Creation.

We have been in a deeply transformative era, and many have experienced changes and transitions in their lives. As a collective, the structures and ways of Creating have been shifting from a model disconnected from its divine source, to one that is rooted in Unity. I witnessed the reflection of this new platform of Divine Creation in my work in a form of a collective wave coming up for healing; the Divine Feminine and Masculine came to be restructured and Harmonized, essentially restoring the Sacred Union and resurrecting Unity Consciousness.

How does Divine Creation integrate in us? What transpires within our own being as we are shaping this new platform? As the weavers of the Reality that we both co-create and experience, how do we Surrender to the Flow of Divine Creation, honor our Spirit, and allow our Divine expression to Bloom.

About Dafna Ohana

Dafna holds a grand vision for Humankind and serves as a catalyst for Re-membering our inherent Perfection and Creative potency. With her deep love for Humanity and from a space of Surrender, she provides a Portal to Bridging our Human experience with Inter-dimensional source wisdom.

Being fascinated by the Purpose of our existence and captivated by the Mystery of Life, Dafna has a deep understanding of consciousness and the role our human Experience plays in the evolutionary continuum. With great care and insightful clarity, she gently guides others through a profound and deeply explorative process of Illumination and Recollection.

Dafna is an Intuitive Alchemist, connected to a wide range of Collectives, and serves as a conduit of Cellular Integration. The Core of her work is to pierce to the heart of the matter and Unveil the hidden Truths within our Inner life. As we deconstruct and release all that is out of resonance, we are open to Re-membering our Divine essence and Restoring the flow of Conscious co-creation.

With her rich educational and experiential background, Dafna developed a deeply transformative process that is intuitively guided. In this highly organic and integrative approach, she incorporates modalities such as; Past-Life Regression, Life-Between Lives, QHHT, and Energetic Integration.

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