Dawn Calahan: Synergistic Living and Creating in Each Moment

Dawn has been my coach and collaborator for years!  She’s a synergistic artist and co-creator of the Quest Playbook (have you received your free copy?)

On this call you’ll receive a wealth of energetic secrets including how Dawn works with the body and congruency.

I also convinced Dawn to offer sessions to those who wish for one!  You will find a $150 session fee in the Special Offer link below if you are called to play energetically with Dawn.

About Dawn Calahan

Dawn is Neuro Somatic Programming (NSP) practitioner, being and body facilitator and licensed massage therapist. She holds an Associates degree in business and computers. After working with machines and numbers for 10 years she realized her passion really was to work with people, to help them live their lives in joy and ease, not dis-ease. She returned to school in 2003 and studied basic massage and advanced Neuro Muscular Therapy at the Center of Advanced Therapeutics. Dawn received her NSP certification 10 years ago under Dr. Sandra Fico, founder of NSP. NSP is a sound and scientific approach used to uncover nutritional deficits, metabolic breakdowns and emotional blockages that lead to disease using kinesiology points and neurosomatic prompts on the spine to access the central nervous system and redirect information. NSP is beneficial for: weight management, improved immune function, decrease in allergies, fertility and reproductive function, improved digestion and sleep pattern normalization.

Specializations: Dawn enjoys working with people with energetic imbalances so they can live their MAGIC!

She also enjoys horses, hiking, reading, and being with family and friends.

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