Derek Rydall: 7 Wealth Activators + Free E-Book

Did you know the word ‘affluent,’ comes from the Latin root “affluēns” which means ‘flow’?

And ‘currency,’ also means ‘flow.’

Isn’t that cool?!

My dad used to say, ‘Money is like water, you don’t hold on to it — You USE it. You keep it moving. AND you can do this with any investment.’

It’s all about ‘circulation!’ Ah-ha! Yet, and other flow-y word.

AND momentum and flow are truly the way the universe works through us. Quests, questions, and playing the next note in the instrument of life has radically changed how I live in each moment.

Anyway, I’m writing this because my good friend Derek Rydall is talking about these insights in his in video series — THAT’S BLOWING MY MIND!

…he’s giving you practical ways to live more affluent and wealthy.

It’s rare that something truly innovative comes along, something that changes the conversation and helps you get real about changes.

OH AND … these videos show you how to generate abundance in your life regardless of the conditions you face.

NOW, that’s real raw freedom! 🙂


The audio interview enclosed is from my previous interview series called: Happy Empires. It was with seven-figure entrepreneurs creating wealth with soul. It’s absolutely incredible! ENJOY!!!

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