How to Restore Your Sacred Union with Eden Amadora

Eden Amadora is an archetypal channel, a mystic and a muse. As a seeker and initiate in the mysteries from an early age, Eden remembers a direct and intimate connection with the Divine. Though her path lead her into the heart of the glamor world as an international model and recording artist throughout her late teens and twenties, It was through a spiritual crisis during her Saturn Return when Eden experienced a massive kundalini awakening and turned her attention towards the inner light. She is a pure presence of love and a stand for you to show up in all of your wholeness.

On this call, you’ll experience the energetics to:

  • Transform your Authenticity, Connections and Impact
  • Embody and Balance Your Sacred Feminine and Masculine Essence
  • Elevate Your Self-development and Become a Beacon of Hope and Healing
  • Integrate Ecstatic Archetypal Embodiment Into Your Life

Your fully expressed light is an essential part of the rising tide of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine that is reshaping the world.

Your embodiment of these Sacred Essence Qualities and Powers is a key to unlocking the hearts of men and women, letting loose a flood of profound compassion, soul-nurturing kindness and radical, unconditional love.

Your life matters. It matters to you and those in your life.

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