Gary Pincus: Living The Energy Of The Unified Field

super moon and unified field

Gary offers is a strong field of connection to Unconditional Love and unified field source energy!

Join us for a dynamic conversation with Gary Pincus, as we will be talking about the super blue moon and the opportunities and challenges it represents, about clearing false energies, creating a strong container to hold high frequency energies, and a version of inner child work that uses his enlightened healing frequencies to totally transform cellular memory.

What Gary Pincus offers is a strong field of connection to Unconditional Love source energy.

While in this field, false voices and patterns can dissolve, as well as patterns of trauma and abuse. Gary also checks for and clears entities and curses from this and other lifetimes. Using these techniques, Gary has cleared himself of Aspergers and attracted his Divine partner, and helped many people clear anxiety, and depression.

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