Ingrid de la Mare-Kenny: The Mind Controls The Body

Have you ever had days (or months) when your eating was out of control? What if you actually didn’t need to control your eating?  What if there was another way?

Ingrid specializes in mind-over-body when it comes to eating and movement. She’s an anti-dieter, and teaches clients the French way of eating better not less, but in harmony with your hormones rather than jumping on band wagons and following diet trends. And although others might claim this — I’ve watched her for over a year mostly via Instagram Stories (yes – I’m a spy!!) and can say she’s truly REAL RAW and in deep communion and conversation with her body.

Meet Ingrid de la Mare-Kenny! 

She’s a graduate of NYU Law School, retired from the Fashion & Entertainment industries when she moved to Monaco 5 years ago & opened THE METHOD®: her unique PowerPILATES + CONTROLOGY™ Integration Protocol.

She trains & leads the certifications of THE METHOD® Master Instructors, consults with & conditions professional athletes and competitors for competitions & tournaments, she trains private clients locally and WORLDWIDE via OnLive Skype session, offering her EXPERT physical training & ground-breaking performance coaching called CONTROLOGY™ Integration mind-over-matter technique . She also hosts group WorkShops and TRANSFORMATION Programs, for men and women of all walks of life & different fitness background.

Ingrid is now involved in Performance & Conditionning training for several Professional Athletes in Tennis, Kite Surfing, MMA Fighting, ASM soccer, Swimming Teams.

In 2017, Ingrid is set to expand the brand further thru THE METHOD® Certification Programs, which offers training & certification to Pilates Instructors, and Fitness Professionals & Partnerships / Franchising of THE METHOD® Studios Worldwide. THE METHOD® Franchises are opening soon in Moscow, London & Dubai.

On this call we will talk about:

* How you can move beyond willpower and truly allow your brain to create the changes you wish in you body.

* French eating and comfort foods

* The biz stuff: What it takes to develop a fitness program in today’s market

* THE METHOD®  and how it builds your core as your foundation with the cognitive brain to body technique called CONTROLOGY™ Integration.

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