Jade-Yin Hom: Ageless, Timeless Goddess in YOU

The Ageless, Timeless Goddess in You set of energetic activations takes you on an adventure that will activate powerful aspects of the goddess in you. Jade combines her knowledge of mythology, energy alchemy, the meridian system, the chakra system and subconscious reprogramming to create an embodied experience of infinite possibilities so that you feel like an Ageless, Timeless Goddess.

What would it be like for you to embody the power of the warrior goddesses (Athena, Kali, Pele) so you can blast away old limiting paradigms and create from a space of invincibility like Athena? How much more powerful will your immune system be when this warrior goddess energy is activated in you? And how much of your own mental capacities will you be able to access? Are you willing to show up in your life powerfully as you?

Our bodies are about 70% water and there are many water goddesses (Aphrodite, Doris, Ganga, etc). What if you can activate the water goddess energies in you to wash away your fears (Kidney meridian, bladder meridian) and strengthen your body’s ability to hold the energy of abundance (second chakra)? How much more sensuality will you allow yourself to embody, express and experience? Are you willing to water the seeds of your sensuality now?

How will the goddess in you sleep? Activating the moon goddess energies (Artemis, Hekate, Luna) will help you access deep wisdom that comes from going within. Energetically it will also help you to restore your circadian rhythm which will allow your body to recover from any mood disorders. Sleep like a goddess at night so you can dance like a goddess throughout the day.

What will the fertility goddesses (Demeter, Juno, Rhea, Venus) help you birth into the world? Are there creative projects that need your mothering, nurturing and birthing? What new legacy are you willing to birth into the world that will honor your potency, your truth and your vision? Activating the fertility goddess energies will help with your hormonal well-being as this energy resides predominantly in your pelvic area. Access this timeless power of your personal palace of power and you’re unstoppable, if you choose 😉

She works with Light Alchemy — patterns of light information to restore your body to their original Divine Blueprint.

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