Janelle Christa: Being A Spiritual Ninja + Meditation on Quantum Alignment

Your superpowers are unique and uncommon for everyone, but we all have these superpowers, but the ways they show up and should be used are unique to you.

That’s why other methodologies don’t work long-term or 100%. They are attempting a “one-size fits all” approach, instead of allowing and teaching you how to decode YOUR mind, body, and spirit…

And giving you the personal insights and tools to make changes and fixes where YOU need them.

Once you understand what your superpowers are, and know how to use them, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT.

About Janelle

Hi, I’m Janelle Christa, creator of the Spiritual Ninja movement. I’m a healer, dreamer, channeler, and intuitive. I am a highly sensitive MF gladiator.

But I haven’t always been so confident in my sensitivity as a gift. I was taught that my sensitivity, my high levels of empathy, and my imagination were WEAK. I was taught that innocence was naïve, and seeing the bright side of things was gullible. I now know that all of those things are simply not true.

Our greatest strengths actually do come from our imagination, innocence, and sensitivity. But it takes skill to master the power of those gifts. Those gifts don’t come without trial.

Which is exactly why I created the “Spiritual Ninja” Academy. I wanted to create a club for other spiritual badasses that had been lied to and duped by the modern world like I was for so many years. You are powerful beyond words.

You are a POWER HOUSE. Time to initiate it.

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