Jeneth Blackert: 7-Figure SuperPowers

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I have been a life & business coach/facilitator for 13+ years. In that time I’ve facilitated thousands of people on body and life changes. I even certify facilitators (i.e. VisioneeringMP™ to take you through our WhisperMapping™ so you can get what you desire with greater ease.)

This idea started back in 2005 after I had a major crash during my corporate career! I decided to create a simple coaching program for fast results and to get people “red carpet launch ready.” We spent countless hours making it perfect. Then we found that we could get people results to a certain point and things would stop. Maybe you can relate. Have you ever been on a program and it works until your willpower gives out?

Well, that was happening for our clients and it pissed me off! Bummer! I mean there’s nothing more frustrating and then putting your heart and soul into something and then not being about to create the desired change! So I started asking questions and seeking things that would support those looking for REAL CHANGE!

Quest: Navigate Your Life

Quest is simply about navigating your life quest using a series of fun sprint discovered by following a series of exploratory questions and looking at what drives you!

Then add some flavorful tools and practices like the SUPER POWERS Quadrant (introduced in this video and the Quest Playbook)

In essence, it’s about having a system based on games and sprints that allows you to come into YOUR MAGIC, MESSAGING, MOVEMENT and making choices in each moment.

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