Julie Umpleby: Opening Your Crystalline Diamond Light

So, let’s talk about the energetics beyond the right, wrong matrix that we often live by.

On this call:

Julie Umpleby will share with you some insight into the waves of evolution that are directing the awakening of humanity and the manifestation of a New Earth.

She will explain how current cosmic events and cycles of time are supporting these changes and guide you through a connection to the Diamond Energy and the Diamond Light Codes.

Your personal grid of crystalline light

Diamond Light World is a community dedicated to exploring, sharing and understanding our spiritual evolution through the development of your Diamond Light Grid – a personal grid or ‘matrix’ of crystalline light. This exploration has spanned many years through the fields of science, metaphysics, biology, cosmic cycles and patterns to bring you a cohesive and extensive understanding of the power and beauty of your diamond energetic structure.

What is the Diamond Light Grid?

Far from being just a spiritual analogy for soul perfection, your Diamond is actually a foundational energetic structure that helps to bridge the material and non-material worlds. It vitalises your ability to receive the many frequencies of light (and therefore information) from the universal electromagnetic spectrum. As a sacred architecture found at all levels of our known universe, your Diamond Light Grid harmonises you with the heart of all patterns and geometries that ultimately form your grandest Light Body. It is a crucible of creation, receiving, transforming and then transmitting information back to the Universal source. It is a vehicle to align your DNA with the cosmic blueprints for life, a connection to the HEART of all that is.

Many people around the world are beginning to ‘see’ diamonds in their meditations and in other people’s energy fields. This diamond fabric is a fractal pattern that can be found throughout the whole of life. There is a reason for this, for at all levels of our being we are being prepared to become that which we have always held the seed potential for – the embodied divine expression of the universe itself. The Living Creatrix.

On the many pages of this website you can explore some the facets of your Diamond Light Grid, why it is important, where it comes from and how you can build and develop this body of light. In addition we feature the Diamond Light Codes, a language of light that that ‘speaks’ to your soul through the beauty of geometric forms and colour. These very special geometric images received as a transmission in 2003, transcend words and communicate directly to your unconscious self, transmitting their information to your DNA. They are also an integral aspect of your Diamond Light Grid and support the new alignments of your DNA.

Spend a while and hear your soul’s voice stir within as you reactivate the energy of your personal Diamond Light Grid through the pages you will find here. Rest into your being and know that you are on your journey home!

“Your diamond is the temple of your awakened soul. Through the sacred chambers of your personal diamond matrix, you activate the codes of your unique divine blueprint and become the living programmers of the New Earth Unity Consciousness” ~ Julie Umpleby

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