Kai Ashley: Entering 5D Energetic Alignment

On this call you’ll experience a 5D Alignment Activation and in particular “the million dollar business illusion” and how to release anxiety and our traumas through the body 🙂

About Kai Ashley (in her words)

This is Kai Ashley. I am the healer of the healers and my clients often call me The Queen of Transformation…

Because my gift is in helping and empowering YOU to get over yourself, so you can step into your true greatness and make magic happen in your life! I am a World Traveler, originally from Australia but have lived abroad since 2008.

My journey has been a big one – learning from experience, overcoming PTSD, social anxiety, drug addiction and host of issues that held me back for a super long time.

I now live in the vortex much of the time and teach amazing leaders like yourself to do the same!

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