Keap Certified: Infusionsoft Implementation, Training & Coaching

Certified Keap Partner in Texas

Jeneth brand & Marketing agency is NOW A keap certified partner – keap, keap GROW, KEAP pro & infusionsoft

We get it, there’s so many tag, campaigns, and connections to get your online empire growing. With such a robust CRM software like Keap Infusionsoft, a consulting, training or implementation session can help you take full advantage of its powerful features. Jeneth Agency, a Certified Keap Infusionsoft Partner, can help you learn the KEAP GROW, KEAP PRO or KEAP Infusionsoft CRM software with total ease. 

I’m known for being REAL and a system MASTER and that’s why I love Keap.


We can help you with keap

  • BASICS – Are you a brand new user to Keap Infusionsoft? Do you need just a simple lead collection process?
  • INTERMEDIATE – Move beyond the basics and create INTELLIGENT campaigns with alerts, triggers
    and STICKY psychological sale hacks.
  • DO IT FOR ME – Need to us to do it for you?  Train your team?


  • Crating custom customer journeys & experiences
  • Importing and exporting existing contacts
  • CRM management
  • Sales pipeline & campaign build out
  • Updating contacts
  • Tag infrastructure
  • Custom reporting
  • Campaign building
  • Email sends
  • Landing page builder
  • Brand and marketing training

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