Keisha Clark: Sound Healing Intuit for Evolving Your Spirit

We are a beautiful menagerie of energies … on this call through Keisha psychic and sound healing intuit capacities, you’ll experience a peaceful spaciousness that’s truly life changing.

Keisha, in her own words…

I’m Keisha Clark. I have several working titles – Psychic Medium, Body Whisperer, Show Healer, Best Selling Author, Performing Artist and Inspirational Speaker. I enjoy all of them; I love variety. Each one is a privilege to me and represents a part of my journey. I have learned that we are a beautiful menagerie of energies and that we can allow all of them to contribute to ‘the thing’ we do.

I communicate with all energies – people, bodies, animals, nature, spirits, and businesses, to name a few. As a kid that wasn’t something I wanted to share with others (mainly for safety reasons); thankfully, I grew out of that. I have mastered my ability to work simultaneously with the physical and non-physical realms. I am Grateful that I get to blend my abilities as a Spirit Liaison and Body Whisperer in the coaching that I offer. And I am Inspired by the people I get to work with.

Transformation absolutely Lights Me Up! It is an Honor for me to be present for those moments a person has an awareness of a new possibility they can choose, and they choose it.

I have witnessed, explored and facilitated the inter-relationship between bodies and beings for three decades and I still marvel at what each can contribute to and create with the other. This experience combined with my own personal journey has provided the foundation of what is now the work I joyfully get to play with as an Embodiment Alchemy Coach.

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