Kenji Kumara: A Quantum Vortex Voyage & Activation

Once again, Kenji Kumara graces the Real Raw You-iverse!

He dropped a slew of ‘Vortex Tornados in a beautiful space voyage,” while evoking the quantum entanglements!

Obsessed with the voyages he brings to our conscious You-iverse, join me in welcoming the quantum shift in perspectives!

I invite RRY podcast listeners to open their hearts to this timely ‘new’ conversation.

About Kenji:

Kenji Kumara, M.A., channel for ascended energies, has dedicated his lifelong spiritual journey to the exploration of the Quantum consciousness field. He has integrated spiritual psychology, medical hypnotherapy, holistic education, trans-personal counseling and the transformational healing arts into his practice of Quantum Ligthtweaving (R).

Kenji acts as a bridge to the quantum, a catalyst, initiator and activator for those ready to spiritually awaken and emerge. He is a dynamic keynote speaker and offers his Sedona Vortex Activations and Joyful Soul Immersion retreats in Sedona. Kenji empowers illumination through trust and liberation, igniting joyful connection.

Show Notes From Our Live Conversation

04:00 : What’s your journey to Quantum Lightweaving?

08:00 : How did Jesus and Buddha heal

13:00 : Many people not having the answers… but continuing to seek

20:00 : How starting your own practice is one of the best growth practices

33:00 : Starting Quantum Activation in our Light Ship

35:00 : Checking out your light ship and finding our GPS … Destination – My Source Energy!

36:00 : Just follow the GPS!

39:00 : Invoking the pillars of light.

40:00 : Moving beyond space and time – speed of light and space.

45:00 : Entering your destination. What can you explore here? What are you aware of? What do you know?

50:00 : Answering caller questions

60:00 : Joyful Soul Immersion Retreat is the Special Offer!

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