Lanna Spencer: How to Upgrade Your Body & Integrate the New 5D Consciousness

We are at this time accelerating into the unification of two seemingly diverse paradigms of human experience 3D and 5D. 3D is based on duality, and is a conscious journey.

Now that the planet has awakened we are birthing the experience of multidimensionality and the personal freedom to have an embodied true being experience in multidimensional space.

All of life is a web. Spirit is spinning its creation songs into form. We are alive because we have chosen to experience the various forms and states of awareness within the parameters of physical reality, and NOW, in this ever eternal NOW we have awakened into knowing ourselves more fully and clearly.

We are at this time experiencing a great acceleration of consciousness, of learning of who we are and how to integrate this new consciousness.

The effects of this global paradigm SHIFT will express itself differently through each of us.

Just A Bit About Lanna

Lanna was born in 1960, fully awake and aware of her psychic abilities which have grown stronger as she has grown older. She is able to see, describe, and interact with energy on the quantum level and is adeptly able to facilitate the physical, perceptual and energetic changes needed within a person to restore balance, personal power, & regenerate and rejuvenate yourself. Through the modalities of quantum seeing, energy restoration & healing , conscious journeying, dreaming & cosmic play she will help you restore lost vitality, reignite your feeling of belonging and wholeness, help instill new passion, purpose, personal power, and focus. Lanna will show you How to Live a Soul Driven Life™

What They Are Saying About Lanna

“Lanna is so blessed by God and the angels. Even on my sickest days I can feel her loving energy helping my body heal. I to had several ah ha moments during the call. I felt touched by the angels several times during the call. ”
~ Retta Mitchell

“This was such an amazing experience. Angel blessings to you and everyone ♡ Thank you so much Lanna”
~ Beatrice Small

“What a call today. I never ever felt so light. I been in meditation & healing for more than 10 years. I am still clearing my throat. My stomach has shrunk also. I remember during our call I asked Angles, “while you are here, please heal my body ache” Ms Lanna Spencer immediately answer me. I could even see the baby and the cord going from my stomach to my heart. Thank you very much Ms. Lanna.”
~ Charanjit

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