Lorie Ladd: How to Amplify Your Cosmic Connection with Light Frequencies that Create Change

How often do you focus on amplifying your cosmic connection? Let play with THAT today!

On this call, you experience and learn:

How to amplify your connection with the light frequencies to change molecules within your physical and various energetic bodies.

How to connect with your cosmic (Star) families and receive the support and guidance you require RIGHT NOW.

How you can work with your guides and co-create with them.

Understanding ascension and the gifts of it in your life.

About Lorie Ladd

Lorie is an ascension guide and cosmic translator for multi- dimensional Light Beings including the Lemurians. She is a teacher on ascension, multi-dimensional living and transitioning into the fifth dimension.

Lorie is a bridge between you and your Soul Family, the Beings of Light that are supporting you from behind the scenes. She translates their language into your language providing detailed instructions and tools on expanding you deeper into your purpose and path.

Through her direct channeled communication with Light Beings as well as her powerful guided journeys, Lorie assists in the remembrance of your Soul’s Purpose, activating the innate gifts within you, and connecting you to your multi-dimensional Self.

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