You. Without the noise.

Clear the noisy cycles of self-doubt and stress
for a calm, focused mind with total clarity.

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What You Can Do With
A Little Magic...

Clear the Noise

There's so much going on in your world. Clear the noise and finally have time to focus.

Better Focus

With the noise and stress out of your way, the things that really matter become attainable.

Space to Breathe

Your mind is clear, your space is quiet, you have room to exhale and take a deep breath.

Hi, I'm Jeneth

...and I know exactly what you're going through.

Bedtime last night was 1am, tonight it'll be like 10ish because you're exhausted. You'll fight with the covers from 2 to 4am and yet again you wake up exhausted.

It's time to kick the anxiety monkey out of your mind!

I've been there and I want to teach you how to use your BE : Magic to manifest the calm, quiet, and clarity you need to be the real you, without the noise.

Exactly What's Inside
The BE : Magic Program

10-Module, 30-Audio Course

What You'll Get

BE : Magic is a 10-module course packed full of 30 downloadable MP3s designed to clear the walls to Acknowledging, Self-trust, Receiving, Relationships, Choosing, Hiding, Control, Money, Judgment, and Being.

Each module contains three curated MP3 audio files each for easy listening with any device or operating system.

($297.00 Value) For only $97 USD
Module 01

Acknowledging Your Magic

It all starts with acknowledging your unique gifts, energy, and power.

These MP3s help you to SEE your magic. It works through clearing and healing the deeper energetic layers and uncovering the magic that may have been left unseen.

Aknowledging Your Magic MP3

Acknowledging Activation MP3

Aknowledging Meditaiton MP3
Module 02

Knowing Your Gifts

These MP3s help you to know, connect, and strengthen your gifts. It supports you in collecting fragments or aspects of you through MEST - matter, energy, space and time.

Knowing Your Gifts MP3

Knowing Activation MP3

Knowing Meditaiton MP3
Module 03

Receiving Your Creation

These MP3s help you to become more aware of perceiving and receiving the whispers of creation. It aligns you with your Knower and deepens your connection with all things.

Receiving Your Creation MP3

Receiving Activation MP3

Receiving Meditaiton MP3
Module 04

Choosing The Future

These MP3s help you to know that you know! It aligns you even deeper with your Knower and helps you choose the whispers with the highest vibe.

Choosing The Future MP3

Choosing Activation MP3

Choosing Meditaiton MP3
Module 05

Connecting Deeply

These MP3s help you to connect deeply with others. It works through clearing and healing the deeper energetic obstacles such as blocks, resistances, doubts, and fears of judgment.

Connecting Deeply MP3

Connecting Activation MP3

Connecting Meditaiton MP3
Module 06

Embodying The Art

These MP3s help you see everything as art and create from the art of the whispers. It opens your mind to the floodgates of creative play.

Embodying The Art MP3

Embodying Activation MP3

Embodying Meditaiton MP3
Module 07

Overcoming Control

These MP3s help you to overcome you inner control freak. What if you were out of control and out of definition with everything?

Overcoming Control MP3

Control Activation MP3

Control Meditaiton MP3
Module 08

Awakening Presence

These MP3s help you to simply be more present all day long. It focuses your energy and allows you to really be present and awake.

Awakening Presence MP3

Awakening Activation MP3

Awakening Meditaiton MP3
Module 09

Being Clear

These MP3s help you to see things clearly. It contributes to you being more focused throughout the day without draining you for sustained focus.

Being Clear MP3

Being Clear Activation MP3

Being Clear Meditaiton MP3
Module 10

Artful Living

These MP3s help you live life as art and expand the whispers of creation. Imagine simple living and allowing the universe to guide you.

Artful Living MP3

Artful Living Activation MP3

Artful Living Meditaiton MP3
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Vision Casting

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Vision Casting

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Student Stories

"It's magical feeling the lightness and peace after each call."

Jeneth has a way of talking and working with people that is calming and comforting; and at the same time she embraces humor and whimsy.

The idea is to let go of what is blocking you (what a relief!) and increase what supports you. All this with the wonderful voice, heart, and uncommon sense, did I mention grounded? -- that is Jeneth.

Laya Saul Laya Saul
Award winning author and speaker

"Learning about being - through business the Jeneth way - is simply a delightful journey!"

"I discovered how Jeneth does it: How she cultivates expansive states of being that generate her thriving, ever-expanding, seven-figure business.

I learned energetic clearing tools to release whatever limits along the way, specific How-To's that I was able to implement right away, and to top it off, a wealth of support materials.

I was just starting to create my first telesummit when I entered the program. Jeneth provided what I needed to make the creation of my telesummit SO much easier."

Georgette Star Georgette Star
Maiden Spirit™ Founder

"Thank you Jeneth, for being a courageous warrior on the path from the head to the heart!"

Thank you for being so generous to share your journey as a guiding light to all walking the uncharted path of the great mystery and reminding us of all the joy contained there.

I am so grateful for your willingness to be who you are and for you sharing your gifts, wisdom and beautiful heart with me and facilitating me on the blossoming of my path.

Yours in sisterhood, love and light!

Alecia Evans Alecia Evans
Walk In Sync™ Founder

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$297.00 regular BE : Magic value - yours for only $97!

Enroll Now For $97 USD

Get started immediately - Instant Access.

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If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at