Marisa Murgatroyd on Engagement, Gaming & Experience

How cute is Marisa Murgatroyd? The 4’11” super marketer!

Not only is she cute, but her story is super extraordinary. She’s truly a bad ass boss.

Marisa Murgatroyd is the founder of Live Your Message, where she shows entrepreneurs with a big message for the world how to build a leading brand and lucrative web presence.

At 4’11 and a quarter, she’s known as the shortest woman in marketing. But that doesn’t stop her from having huge ideas. Her no-nonsense approach has earned her a reputation as a results-getter for leading-edge clients.

Today, Marisa’s purpose and passion lies in helping emerging entrepreneurs launch themselves online through her signature training programs: Message to Money, Hidden Story Power and Superhero Summits.

She has also produced dozens of large-scale, award-winning projects for clients like the Getty Museum, PBS, UCLA, and the State of California. Cumulatively, these projects have moved over 75,000 units and generated over $1M in sales, and won 30+ industry awards including two Tellys.

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