Mary Poffenroth: Unleash Your Muse with Neurohacking

Are you hiding your creativity because you are afraid of what people will say?

Whether you pre-judge your creative work as simply “not good enough.” Or you are afraid your work is too different and it will be rejected … and the YOU’D be rejected!

Whatever it might be, you can blame fear.

Fear, one of our most basic human emotions, keeps us safe but can also really get in the way of our success.

When we’re in the throws of even a mild fear response, the intellectual part of our brain where all our brilliant thoughts and ideas come from shuts down as we go into survival mode.

Join university professor and fear researcher Mary Poffenroth as she shares her neuro-driven strategies for moving through fear, in the moment, so you can get to those witty come backs and strategic decisions faster and with more precision.

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About Mary Poffenroth

Mary Poffenroth is a biology lecturer and fear researcher for San Jose State University. She began her research career in physiology at NASA Ames Research Center Moffet Field before teaching nearly 20,000 students both in person and online since 2007. In addition to contributing to Science magazine, Forbes, TEDx and SXSW, she advises growth driven individuals and organizations on how to use science to transform their relationship with fear to improve strategic decision making, retain top talent, and cultivate more authentic communications.

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