Raquel Spencer: Heart Energy Quantum Activation

Raquel Spencer graced us with her presence on Real Raw You Synergy Podcast for Valentine’s Day.

Here are some of the show notes from this amazing conversation!

Tell me about how you came to this multidimensional work?

In 1985, Raquel went into an unexplained 5 week medical coma for an integration and upgrade of her frequencies. Today, she remembers and helps other energetic masters remember their truth.

Min 7: You speak about soul family a lot, what do you mean by that?

There are thousands of us that are souls that have incarcerated to help shift the consciousness on this planet. This is soul family.

Min 10: Where do we start in this remembering process?
You already know there are so much more going on then what you see, right? As we move into this expanded state of awareness we begin to understand the relationship of your body (i.e. our divine vehicle)

Min 15: How do we upgrade the physical body with a higher vibration?
We are advanced beings of light. Your body as the frequency of light. It’s an operating system. Think of yourself as a super computer with the ability to read the light now be in the body and ask it to UP SHIFT.

Min 45: What happens with we lose motivation or desire to create?

First, at this time we are going through a cosmic perspective shift. We are going through a re-organization. Resources are getting realigned. You may feel lost. That’s one part.

Second, when you lose your desire for something it means you are no longer aligned with it OR something is going on with your lower chakras via it worthiness, self-doubt, confidence, etc.

Each morning ask to be aligned with your highest potential and happiness and start a conscious conversation with the body.

We ended the call with a divine flow heart activation that will rock your world!

About Raquel Spencer:

Raquel Spencer is a Multi-Dimensional Energy Specialist, Ascension teacher, facilitator and intuitive.

She is a Hathor of the Divine Feminine Goddess Energy. She has a Bachelors Degree in Business and is owns and operates a company she founded.

Her life was profoundly shifted when she fell into a deep coma, unexplainably, for 5 weeks, intensely transforming and embedding frequencies from many lifetimes resulted in the physical manifestation/reminder of her great achievement in wisdom in lifetimes of Tibetan Buddhism.

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