The Resonance Series

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Are you ready to open even more into your powerful luminous self, full of vitality and abundant aliveness?

Our natural flow of vitality can be partially or severely restricted. Over time, living restricted wears us down, even robbing us of hope and enthusiasm for life.

Imagine coming into resonance with your natural flow once again.

#1 Discovering and Creating from New Resonances

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We are changing more intensely than ever before. Our very nature is changing, as is the nature of what we experience as reality. We’ve never been here before!

The current turbulence and ambiguity is because we are not simply further awakening within an old operating system, paradigm or reality. It’s that who we and our world have been are unraveling and reweaving anew.

In this process, everything about how we work, relate, and express ourselves is becoming different. We can easily wonder: Am I losing myself, going crazy, or doing something wrong? How am I supposed to function and have a life? How am I supposed to work, relate to others and build a new world from this unknown place?

There is much to understand and experience in this time of change that's different than ever before. I will be describing the uniqueness of the process we are amidst. I will also be providing an energy transmission and journey so that you can experience the new resonances that are available. In touching and embodying new octaves, every area of your life can more effortlessly unfold in an elegantly creative and magical way.

In this workshop you’ll:

• Feel the new resonances inside and outside of your body
• Distinguish more clearly between your old and new self
• Make deeper contact with a new sense of self
• Let go of who you are no longer
• Learn how to effortlessly create from your new resonances

#2 Creating Abundance From New Resonances

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As uncertain and full of crisis as these times are, they are also ripe with potential for greater abundance than ever before. But what is abundance and how do we generate it? The subject of abundance, and money in particular, can bring up survival fears and panic. It’s a highly charged topic.

Abundance, however, is not a taboo subject as often thought, but part of our spiritual growth. It is not about how much money we have or how many things we accumulate as commonly thought. We can have a billion dollars and not be abundant at all. Even though it seems that we need to earn money and work hard to become abundant, money and abundance don’t actually come from outside of us. Nor are they manifested in a linear cause and effect manner, even though that’s how it appears.

Abundance is a natural state of being in which there is no limit to what we are able to choose to experience. It’s always there within us; it’s an experience. It’s a field of resonances with a wealth of unlimited thought, richness of feeling and spiritual depth. The resonances that radiate from abundance effortlessly create physical resource, including money, in surprising and synergistic ways. All the abundance we could ever wish for is already within us, but most people have many emotions, beliefs and stories that impede its manifestation in the physical world.

This workshop will be a journey of liberation from misconceptions into the art of abundance. In this natural state we create with ease, elegance, and innovative magic.

In this workshop we will:

• explore the false meanings we assign to money, prosperity and abundance
• become aware of blockages such as guilt, unworthiness, destructive contracts, and difficulty in receiving that separate us from our abundance
• discover where money and abundance really come from
• experience the resonances of abundance that are within us
• learn to amplify the field of abundance so it can create unimpeded

#3 New Resonances Of Love

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When looking for solutions in these uniquely challenging times, we tend to search our minds. It easy to forget that it’s our love that has the power to create. When we take the time to connect with the love and compassion in our hearts, its radiance creates and co-creates positive change.

Now, more than ever, all of humanity needs love. Each one of us needs love, and every part of us needs love too.

Our earliest imprint of love comes from our relationship with our mother. Healing that is an important part of opening to greater love. While we can long to feel the beauty of love, it can also seem frightening. Many have spent lifetimes seeking it and wanting more, but at the same time running away from it. Sometimes we push it away unintentionally without realizing why or how.

Whatever love we’ve known, no matter how splendid and unconditional, is only a fraction of what exists as love. There are nameless depths so radiant with light that they are incomprehensible, beyond imagination. As we learn to touch and be touched by the radiance of this nameless love, we transform our fear and pain, and transcend our sorrow.

In experiencing its radiance, we change our essence, our very nature, and our reality. We not only heal the past, but we become new, and as does love itself. In its radiance we can celebrate all that is, including the parts we don’t like. In celebrating All, we experience its sacredness. To make sacred really means to connect deeply with it. Thus, celebrating connects us to All in extraordinary co-creation.

In this workshop, we will:

• honor the love that we have already experienced throughout life
• explore our resistance to experiencing and receiving greater
• heal your relationship with your mother more deeply
• learn to celebrate All, even the parts we think we don’t like
• touch the radiant resonances of love, which change us forever
• experience the power of your love, which changes you and All forever

#4 Creating from the Resonances of Power

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We are powerful creators, and much more so than we realize. But it often seems that we are helpless and powerless with no options. This disempowered state leaves us angry, frustrated and full of despair. At its worst, people can become aggressive and violent, or so dysfunctional that they lose their will to live.

Where does our real power come from? How do we tap into it?

Real power flows naturally and moves synergistically, creating more than the sum of its parts. It’s of such magnitude that while it’s impossible to imagine, we can discover how to open into a space that allows it to enter.

When we live from that unlimited realm, it has extraordinary impact, beyond comprehension. Everything around us changes in response too, well beyond our fears and even beyond our hopes and dreams. From our authentic power, the most effective actions to take become clear.

Our power to create comes from a state of authenticity and dominion in which humanity has never lived. It’s a level of inclusivity we’ve never truly known. It’s a celebration of All That Is, including every bit of light and dark, and even the parts we think we don’t like.

We can experience this power through compassion for All and by celebrating All That Is. When become more interested in exploring this new state than in being right about our current beliefs, we begin to move towards true power. In this state of lightness is true freedom to create from our heart’s desires, beyond anything we’ve ever known.

In this workshop we will:

• discover where powerlessness and disempowerment come from
• identify what we do that keeps this painful state going
• transcend disempowerment into the lightness and freedom of real power
• learn to powerfully co-create with All That Is

As we come together in our true power, we help each other create a new life and a new world.

#5 Chaos, Change, Form, Creating, Power, Freedom

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We are so much more than we know.

and... is a new way of feeling, being and creating.

It’s where evolution is inviting us to go.

The Resonance Series

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Praise for Anamika:

"Anamika, your words are like liquid flowing into me. I am beginning to understand the word ‘awakening’ as though I had been in a long deep sleep. I no longer feel isolated or separated. I feel the LOVE everywhere."
Roma Downey, Actress
"Anamika transmits a standing wave of love and effortlessly draws us into its embrace so that the experience becomes our own. It’s simply uncanny…."
Norman Seeff, Film Director
"Anamika, I can never thank you enough for being in my life. You’ve truly given me a life for the first time."
Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York
"Anamika’s energy transmission is absolutely relevant for now. It has created greater clarity, happiness and serenity."
Louis Gossett, Jr., Actor
"We travel around the world to experience great masters and mystery schools. We felt that our session with Anamika was very special. Our clarity and divine nature have never been stronger than after that session and our relationship has entered another dimension."
Tom Silverman & Donna D’Cruz, Tommy Boy Entertainment
"I immediately recognized Anamika’s words and energy as profund truth. Her work has allowed me to open more fully to my own truth and divinity."
Marci Shimoff, Author
"Anamika’s work is beyond thought. When you experience her, you get to experience yourself."
Frances Fisher, Actress
"Anamika’s work is uniquely experiential, and calls forth one’s greater sense of self."
Barbara Hamilton, International Consultant
"Anamika allows many to come and smell the scents of romance, peace, love, joy, self, and much more. She knows the dimensions and realms intimately."
Atarangi Muru, Maori Healer
"Anamika is such a pure voice in this sea of chatter, with something so special and beautiful to give."
Holly Sorensen, TV Producer
"Anamika’s point of view is completely innovative, and brings about a whole new way of being."
Irene Mink, Stylist
"After all the years of spiritual work, with Anamika we felt something beyond information, beyond our ability to describe and we experienced it tangibly in our body and in our being."
Robin & Michael Mastro, Vastu
"Anamika is on the vanguard of human evolution. She helps us awaken through a high vibration of love, which initiates powerful change."
Stephan Choiniere, Acrobat/Dancer
"Anamika is an extraordinary woman with a powerful transmission of love, and a free spirit."
Nathan Otto, Peace Project
"Anamika, in times of “confusion” I still hear the Love which is you and the state of graciousness that always emanates from your mere presence."
Maida Millan, Photographer
"Words can’t express how grateful I am for how you facilitate such enormous transformation."
Liora Mendeloff, Founder Women’s Speakers Bureau
"After all the work I had done for years and years there was one piece that could never get completed. Anamika completed that and opened up a whole new dimension of myself."
Rob Spears, Conscious Talk Radio
"Anamika’s transmissions bypass my mind and open my heart."
Stephanie Parodi, Songwriter
"Anamika is special to me in particular because she is my personal coach and healer. This is someone who tricked me into doing a session with her (she didn’t really) and I am forever grateful. She is an amazing soul, a powerful transformational teacher, and an incredible guide who has these crazy gifts she came in with. As a result she has been able to have a level of consciousness and guidance with the folks she coaches that allows her to really lay it out, “Here’s what’s going on, here’s how to shift, here’s how to find and discover you.”"
Jennifer McLean, McLean Masterworks

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The Resonance Series

$200.00 regular program value - yours for 57% OFF!
Buy Now for $85 USD
100% Secure Payment

Need Help Ordering Or Have Questions?

If you have questions or concerns about the course, please contact us at 512.815.6222 or