The Advanced Practitioner's Package

#1 The Playground of Time

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Downloadable Audio
Length: 2 hours
Format: Instant Teleseminar MP3

Time is often a struggle for human beings - there isn’t enough time, or we feel we are wasting it.

In this class, we will delve into the reality of time from a spiritual and scientific view. We cover all aspects of time - time, timelines, time loops, jumping timelines, collapsed timelines, and we lead into the spectacular aspect of timelessness and formlessness. We learn about how to:

○ Transform your relationship to time by understanding a few easy techniques and concepts.
○ Stop worrying about the past and future so much.
○ Begin to advance your mindset and psychic abilities using a unique way of approaching time.
○ Help your friends and family shift their ideas about time without a lot of struggle!

Time doesn’t have to be our enemy - in fact, we can advance our journey faster by understanding the beauty and usefulness of time!

#2 Full Body Discernment

($97.00 Value) Included with your purchase

Downloadable Audio
Length: 3 hours
Format: Instant Teleseminar MP3

How do we tell what is Truth and what is not? This is a universally human problem!

Some of us are better at seeing or feeling energy than others, but that doesn't always allow us to know the full truth. So, how can we truly discern in this age of information?

We can depend on the body!

In this online healing retreat you will learn:

○ How to tell what is false light and what is truth.
○ Basic ways to use the Brain Mind and 3rd Eye for discernment.
○ The power of the Heart Mind to help differentiate truth from false.
○ How to use the Gut Mind for intuitive discernment.
○ Other mystical ways of using the body for discernment!

Our bodies are like wonderful receivers of fluid information and frequency! Let's journey together in learning how to fully use them to make our way in this world.

#3 The Fields of Limitation and Limitlessness

($97.00 Value) Included with your purchase

Downloadable Audio
Length: 3 hours
Format: Class Notes PDF + Instant Teleseminar MP3

Join Elizabeth Wood, Seer and Scientist, on a guided journey into limitless consciousness. Do you feel there are heavy energies blocking you at every turn? Nothing seems to work? You know that self work is the key, but you feel bogged down by the details. The fact is, most of the limitations you think you have all fall into 5 energetic fields. These ‘Fields of Limitation’ are false programs written in your DNA. You can change them! Once you identify them, you can shift them out of your body and step into fields of true limitlessness.

In this workshop you will learn exactly how to do that and more.

Learn to:

○ Identify the 5 Fields of Limitation so you can remove them from your life.
○ Use practical methods for erasing these limitations from your DNA and mind.
○ Step into the true Fields of Limitlessness and identify them around you.
○ Cultivate these Fields of Limitlessness in your material and spiritual world!

Watch the breakthroughs happen and the limiting beliefs melt away. No more bondage or slavery for human kind! We can all claim our sovereignty now.

Let’s be Limitless!

#4 Quantum Healing and Remote Viewing

($97.00 Value) Included with your purchase

Downloadable Audio
Length: 3 hours
Format: Worksheet PDF + Instant Teleseminar MP3

Are you a healer who would like to take their skills to the next level? Would you like more tools in your tool box for healing yourself and others?

Learn the science and spiritual concepts behind many topics such as:

○ What is quantum healing and how does it work scientifically?
○ How does remote viewing work?
○ How to hone your remote viewing skills
○ Medical Intuition
○ The basic fundamentals of Quantum Healing and it’s theory
○ And much more!

If you have been interested in remote viewing and how it can be used to do quantum healing, this retreat will be looking at the mechanics of these techniques. Remote viewing helps us look at our 3rd dimensional world from a spiritual perspective only bound by time, not space. Quantum healing is the outcome of our consciousness finally being open to what we are actually capable of seeing. Learn how to move your remote viewing to different levels of reality in order to do healing work, understand reality better, or jump forward into higher consciousness states!

If you’re ready to refresh, refine and add to your skills as a healer, this online healing retreat is for you! Receive activations, practices, and masterful instruction from Elizabeth Wood, a world-class seer, scientist, medical intuitive, quantum healer and remote viewer. Create the New Earth using your incredible healing abilities now!

#5 BONUS EBOOK - Healing the Three Minds: The Brain, The Heart and The Gut

BONUS Included for a limited-time only

Downloadable Ebook
Length: 64 pages
Format: PDF

This is a concise look at the basic tools I used to cure myself of debilitating PTSD. Much of my journey has been driven by a search to find answers and cures for my own ailments. I'm very pleased to share with you the simple culmination of what really worked for me, and now, thousands of others. I talk about healing my mind from trauma and negative programming, treating it like a computer. I also talk about the importance and incredible power of the Heart Mind, a deeply intelligent organ here to serve you, the Soul. And I discuss my understanding of the Gut Mind from a Medical Anthropology point of view. This viewpoint changed my understanding of my intelligent biome and how to care for all three Minds. I hope this will serve you greatly in your journey towards Oneness! I hope practitioners can also use this wisdom for their clients.

The Advanced Practitioner's Package

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Praise for Elizabeth Wood:

"“I'm so excited! Elizabeth, you really spoke my language and really hit on many areas that needed healing, yet were difficult for me to pinpoint. Of all the work I have done, it seems I still had the shells around my body around my heart not letting people in.... I'm so glad they are dissolved! Each area of healing you chose really resonate with me! One week after your healing templates: I am feeling more happy, I am singing, I am loving myself and talking to myself in the mirror hahaha... I feel much more clear on what I want, and less afraid to exert authority when situations at work arise. I finally got my butt up to get some exercise in, I am practicing doing things that I'm not 'comfortable' doing! I felt myself stepping out into new territory. I went out on a 'date' and I was very open, very myself, and not afraid to express!!! That was new for me! Thank you so much for acknowledging all these parts of me through your work. Thank you for the healing. I'm so excited to continue working with you!” "
Teresa T. Shen, L.Ac, CEO/ Lead Physician
"“Elizabeth is in incredible seer and teacher. I am so very grateful for her and our session together. I feel more balanced than ever. Even though I have been an energy healer for over 20 years, there was something still blocking me from doing what I came here to do to share with the world. Now I do not have to work so hard to bring in the light through my body. There is a large column of light with me all the time. Since our session my prosperity has picked up. My artwork is selling better. In addition since my time with Elizabeth after just one session, I am moving forward with writing books which I had had blocks with before. My life is flowing better each and every day as my intuition is clearer than before. Her teaching has brought me joy and a clearer understanding of my body and the world beyond. My life has also had much more synchronicity. I look forward to learning much more from Elizabeth in the near future. Thank you Elizabeth! I am blessed with you in my life.”"
Catherine, Artist, Creativity Coach, Energy Healer, Author
"“My session with Elizabeth was extraordinary – very healing, empowering, educational, and fun! As Elizabeth went through my chakras, the stuck, false beliefs and ‘programs’ she found were issues I had been trying to heal for decades. She walked me through how to clear and transform them – teaching me the steps so that I have them to use in clearing other energies / issues throughout my life. I learned more about how to use the Ancient templates and received new ones. We also opened up my 3rd eye more and Elizabeth taught me ways to further my seeing. She helped me better understand energy and the spiritual world and answered some life long questions I've had. Elizabeth gave me ‘spot on’ nutritional suggestions and taught me simple practices supporting greater ease with manifesting. All this in just one session – amazing!! I’m sooo grateful - thank you Elizabeth!!!”"
Linda, in Oregon
"“Clearing the root of an issue instead of just peeling the seemingly never ending layers of it is really the way to go for quick transformation. Teaching how we can do it ourselves has immeasurable value. As my mind races ahead and thinks of the possibilities this process holds for everyone is - huge! Thank you for the Divine work you do and for the bright light you hold in the world. Ah, so young and already so wise especially conquering the ego! REMARKABLE.”"
"“First of all, I had to wait a few days after my session with Elizabeth before writing this to make sure I wasn't having a placebo moment. Hands down, this is the best program I have invested in thus far and believe me when I tell you have I bought many programs from "healers & holistic practitioners" since I embarked on my spiritual journey in 2010. The templates are lifetime tools I suppose but what I know have changed my life for the better is that 60 minutes with one of the most authentic being I have ever encountered in my life. I called her phone number not expecting anything, honestly I only called because I had already bought the package but I was home sick and just didn't feel like being bothered. I mustered up my strength and decided to put on an act just to get through this 60 minutes with someone who I had only heard on a telesummit call once. As soon as she got on the call, I instantly knew something good was in store. Her voice was very warm and compassionate. She was very bubbly and kind, she was funny...she made me laugh and about 15 minutes in the call, I started feeling better from head to toe. She took me on a process and taught me a simple tool that I can use whenever. She even told me a story that connected with me at soul level. She told me things about my past that I already knew was true and I was amazed at how gifted and original she was. Ain't nothing normal about Elizabeth or her gifts. She is a true Seer in every sense of the word. Her healing powers are authentic because right now for someone with bronchial pneumonia, I only took the medication prescribed for one day and I had an allergic reaction but I am feeling at least 90 % better only one day after my session. I am currently using her healing template along with the tool she guided me through and my body is at ease, grace and joy. I feel good! I was supposed to be on sick leave from work for 3 days but I am on my way to work. Elizabeth is the real deal and these templates get the job done at a very fast pace. Thanks a lot for stepping into your power and doing the damn thing as awesome as you do.”"
"“Dearest Elizabeth: Thank you sooooo much for our wonderful session together, Angel 1 and I were so grateful! Finally, an aspect of myself that I saw in you of genuine heart-centered towards helping another. There was a great kindredness about our conversation, a feeling of being back home, a feeling of the warmth reaching down to my very core. In particular, I admired the letting go of linear time, the being in ‘allowing’ and not feeling rushed. Felt like one of those nights during high school slumber parties where you talked for hours, excited, riveted by what could come next…awake so long morning came and went and time just drifted. Before I knew it, time was up…..savoring every moment of grace and laughter. All we needed were pillows to bonk each other over the head! There was anticipation, happy, quiet, giggles, and many ahhh haaas! Oh yeah! It feel whole again, hugged and held by gentle words that entered all the many armors of distrust that have been set in the memory layers of 3rd dimension. There is a new start, an excitement and a beauty that I can only feel, but can’t explain. I must be aligned, cuz I feel grrrrreat! My tale is wagging…you just don’t see it, ahh man, take that back, YOU, just might! Thank you for your love, your kindness, generosity, compassion and your healing. Today was incredible, much more than I could have ever expected. The love I feel for you is beyond words. A connection, who knows to what lifetime, but a connection made at a level of heart love that one feels which is unconditional. Hands down, you are the best Intuitive, healer, one-in-all, all-in-one, I have ever encountered. My thanks go to Lucia too, for her part in my healing. You both are quite an inspiration to us all. Thank you for being you. Squeeeeeezes (ok, trying not to squeeze to hard). Can’t wait to try out the inner planes. I may not have all those neurons of yours, but hey, I have will! I know I can help you, let me know how. You are BIG, and getting bigger! Weee-hoo girl, watch out! Meanwhile, I look, forward to walking around in a diamond. Damn, just call me bling-bling! If I say more I might just beam you up and we need you here…so, again, Thank you. I felt blessed today and felt like Father/Mother God answered my prayers. In gratitude & appreciation" "
Angel O’Connor
"“My session with Elizabeth was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I felt recognized and very validated. I received sound tools and directions to help me accomplish what I have contracted to do at this point in time. I also received food recommendations and yoga position to help my physical body. I left the session feeling very empowered. I highly recommend her. Going into the my session I had no idea how she worked and how the session would go. I knew I wanted to understand and work with the templates more deeply and I had a few questions about my health and the direction of my spiritual work. The session started with me just giving Elizabeth an overview of what was up for me and what work I had done. From there everything started to roll. She immediately picked up on my dharma for the next 4 months and then we went on to talk about which templates would serve me and how to work with them. The session was very interactive. We also talked about food and yoga positions that would assist my physical body at this point in time. I felt very validated and empowered. Thank you Elizabeth!”"

All of us here at and Happy Empires are grateful for the contribution of our listeners and speakers, that's why we honor our speaker's great work. Due to the nature of digital programs refunds are unavailable. We rely on your authenticity and integrity as a listener to honor each speaker's digital assets as much as we do. We appreciate and thank all our listeners for understanding and respecting this guarantee.


The Advanced Practitioner's Package

$388.00 regular program value - yours for 75% OFF!
Buy Now for $97 USD
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If you have questions or concerns about the course, please contact us at 512.815.6222 or