Magic in Wealth Creation & Business with Tanja Barth

WOW! Tanja took us into 40 minute journey and quantum activation clearing many points of views about business, creation and do-do stuff!

What if following your awareness creates more for your business than all the ways you’ve been taught like working hard, following the rules, and working on your mindset?

For over 20 years Tanja Barth worked as an auditor and management consultant with multi-national companiesand is also specializedin IPOs, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity and has a in-depth knowing of how companies function.

Tanja is a catalyst for change, and empowers people around the world to change their life, money, business, and relationships through her transformational workshops, facilitation, and online courses. Tanja is also a Right Riches for You Facilitator, Being You Facilitator and a Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness®.

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