CEO Virtual VIP Sessions w. Jeneth 2020

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The CEO VIP Sessions: The art of creating money-making system that move you from work into the playful creation of growing your wealth.

I’m known for being REAL and a system MASTER. Truth is I want to really love doing anything twice. I LOVE making stuff. I don’t LOVE remaking stuff!

I’m curious, does this sound like you?

You have SO many ideas and so many false starts with them.
You have started a lot of things and finished none of the things.
You go through ebbs and flows emotionally and it’s effecting your income.
You can’t seem to find time for new work, because something always gets in the way.
You are always busy creating something, but that something doesn’t seem to be income driving.

Simple Marketing Systems

It’s my passion to use simple marketing system and even beautiful strategies that and are potently functional, to turn business into money making art.

Imagine having a business that runs seamlessly, freeing up time to focus on new streams of growth or even just having time to do more of the things you love.

CEO VIP Sessions: How They Work

  • 3 Month Program (starting June 2020)
  • 45 minute on-boarding call to discuss your priorities and make a plan.
  • Monthly 2 hour VIP coaching and working sessions on Zoom to get it done and get what you need to create your vision.
  • Weekly email check-ins

Sessions Focus Can Be:

Each month, you will tackle 1-2 projects that will help you grow YOUR Business!
The focus is on productivity, focus, priority.

These projects could be create systems for:
Opt-ins & lead generation
Social engagement
Client on-boarding
Group courses
Digital funnel communications
Productivity to help you get more clients, save time, and make more money.

The CEO VIP Sessions will:

1. Make sure that you have a 2 hour VIP Session put aside on the calendar.
2. It will enforce a quiet co-working environment so that you can focus on the work that needs to get done to grow your business.
3. It will provide a venue for questions and feedback on your projects.
4. It will provide a professional environment to focus, build relationships, and receive support and guidance from someone who’s been there!

Your Results:

MONEY: You will start seeing the results of your hard work, because you will actually be showing up.
MINDSET: It will start a habit and commitment to work ON your business instead of IN your business.
FOCUS: Your excuses for not working on your business growth projects will be no more.
CLARITY: Simplified and clear view of business tasks.
ACTION: Actionable revenue opportunities identified

Let’s Talk!

The Program is 3 month and is $1500 total or monthly payment of $500.
Book an on boarding conversation with Jeneth now.

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