compelling visions

Video Notes 🙂

Step 1. WRITE IT!
Write your idea, goal or what I call your “Light House” on paper and ask a few questions to bring it into a brighter light for clarity!

What is it EXACTLY? (Think: Energetic and Actionable)

What whispers do I perceive about this now? (What do you know in your heart about it?)

What moves me to take action? What action will I take right now? (Think: Compelling Light)

Step 2. BE IT!
If you already arrived at the Light House what does that FEEL like in all your essence?

Step 3. LET GO!
Disconnect and destroy the past failures. Forget all the past stories that even remind you about the quest you are about to embark on.

Step 4. POST IT!
Post reminder energies where you will see them!!!!!!

Want more?

Listen to an interview, where Jeneth talks about crafting a compelling vision and getting in alignment with it. (audio link above 🙂

Show notes from the audio interview with Jeneth on “Being congruent with your vision.”

6 min: My quest to 1.2 million to “quitting” and becoming a writer and then coming back again

8 min: The Playbook – questioning and following the your whispers.

9 min: Inner questions, creator questions and true engagement with others and your audience.

11 min: Allowing a high level of frustration to come through to birth a very different creation.

13 min: Engage. Engage. Engage.

15 min: Being engaged with your money.

17 min: Gratitude and art!

19 min: Shifting from force to flow (coming out of undo worry and doubt)

21 min: Wealth activation cultivation to coming out of hiding and accessing your superpowers.

28 min: Official POW Activation of oneness and creation.

34 min: Activation continues to clear out the lies that are limiting you!


About Jeneth: In her words!

I had this idea started back in 2005 after I had a major crash during my corporate career! I had decided to create a simple coaching program for fast results. We spent countless hours making it perfect and having these big joint venture launches. Once we had a large audience, we found that we could get people results to a certain point and things would stop. Maybe you can relate. Have you ever tried a program and it works to a certain point, but something doesn’t truly feel aligned.

Well, that was happening for our clients and it pissed me off! Bummer! I mean there’s nothing more frustrating and then putting your heart and soul into something and then not being about to create the desired change! So I started asking questions and seeking things that would support those looking for REAL CHANGE!

TODAY (after another big wake-up in 2011,) we use a very different approach. It focuses on showing up and being the authentic YOU and then you can apply our high performance systems to your world.

Imagine how empowering and exciting it would be to have YOU and the life you love … in each moment. Now that’s pretty awesome! There’s nothing more motivating or empowering than having the life you love each day — all day long.

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