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Today I’m launching something new, and I hope it inspires you as much as it inspires me.

It’s called the Real Raw YOU: Synergy Podcast!

In my life adventure, I’m exploring, connecting and communing with individuals pursuing and being their greatness. Most of them are creatives making a living doing what they love. Their stories are inspiring, motivating and life changing. I know these stories, energies, tips and tools have changed how I create — I hope it’ll do the same for you.

In this episode, I interview a woman who is being her greatness… flaws and all!

You would never guess that my friend and international coach Renee Airya survived three near-death experiences. Renee underwent extensive brain surgery resulting in facial paralysis on the right side of her face. The doctors told her she would never smile again, but Renee declared to heal herself within six months. She surrounded herself only with positive people, chose the right affirmations, carefully monitored her self-dialogue… even chose the right foods.

Two months later, Renee had regained 60% control of the right side of her face. Her doctors, friends and family were astounded by her miracle.

Renee loves empowering others… and she’s about to share her journey to sexy self-love here.

In this Real Raw You Synergy Podcast Episode, You Learn:

– How Renee went from fashion model to wildly successful entrepreneur
– How she healed herself after 3 near-death experiences
– How to create the right environment for a miracle
– How your flaws can be your greatness
– Bringing yourself back to the home within you

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