Lindsey Wilson: The Script That Sold $50k in One Conversation

I cannot tell you how turned off I am by the pushy, slimy and dishonest sales tactics out there.

It never feels good to me (or my clients) to give them a “what would you do if your mother was dying” speech combined with unethical sales strategies that manipulate people to hand over their credit cards.


And honestly, between me and you… these strategies simply don’t work anymore. People can feel the dishonesty and instead of buying from you, they’d rather walk away empty handed – no matter how much they would have needed your products or services.

That’s why I feel SO light introducing you to someone who doesn’t need any of that to close a sale! My close friend and heart-based saleswoman Lindsay Wilson recently sold $724k in one week with no launch, no affiliates or sales page – just a phone!

How did she do it? The change in the economy a couple years ago changed everything. Info products don’t sell like they used to – have you noticed huge coaches are now available for private consulting? Lindsay has mastered the 7 sales secrets of 7 figure entrepreneurs, including exactly how to implement the top strategies for Connections, Exposure, Email List, Marketability, Services & Products and Commitment.

Here, we’ll discuss how to make these sales strategies work for you – no awkwardness or manipulation needed!

In This Real Raw You Synergy Episode, You Will Learn:

– How Lindsay sells hundreds of thousands through Facebook
– Step-by-step example sales conversation with Jeneth
– Real-world techniques and strategies for big ticket sales
– How 3 clicks made her clients 5 figures, and you can too

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