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What if it only took a few minutes to unplug from the INSANITY of our world?

As an online business owner, I find I am constantly “plugged in.” From bright computer screens to iPads, iPhones and all other delicious Apple tech-y products!

If you are as sensitive energetically as I am, you know the electromagnetic waves are interrupting our natural way of being.

And we both know if we clear this disruption, all is cool! The question is: how can we get energetically clear faster so we feel more vibrantly alive?

Today’s guest, Tristan Truscott, sensei and founder of the Austin Martial Arts Academy and the Satori Method Academy, says technology is amazing, but using tech responsibly is equally important.

“It’s the electromagnetic pollution in the power lines, the microwaves, the Bluetooths, the cellphones, the towers,” Truscott says. “All of that, it’s constantly bombarding your electromagnetic circuitry. This is what’s getting you disrupted.”

In other words a disrupted electromagnetic field can raise our beta brain wave state and lead to feeling more stressed out and disconnected with our body and being. YUCK!

Oh, by the way! Tristan and Sabrina live near my office in Austin, so we get face-time together sharing ideas on creating bigger, more energetic lives! They truly walk their talk!

Let’s change this electromagnetic disruption! Enjoy this podcast and check out Tristan and Sabrina’s amazing special offer!

About Tristan and Sabrina Truscott

Together they have a combined 60 years of experience in three core disciplines, namely martial arts, dance and meditation. Additionally they have 25+ years teaching these arts, including qigong, yoga, healing and mind-body fitness.

For the past 20 years they have personally grown one of the largest transformation studios in Austin, Texas – the Satori Method Academy. Tristan and Sabrina began taking their Satori Method exercises, principles and teaching style onto the Internet back in 2006. They have since been honored to partner on projects with some of the biggest names in the personal evolution arena such as John Assaraf, Joe Vitale, Peter Ragnar and many other celebrated teachers.

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