Kendall Summerhawk: How to Create Lucrative VIP Days

As a fellow business and life coach and horsewoman, I was initially drawn to Kendall Summerhawk by how she brings her horses into her practice; through them, she’s able to be her brilliance and bring that vitality to her business. After a few interviews with her, I couldn’t get enough of her soul-based business model.

It’s simple: along with living a lifestyle that she finds fulfilling, business-wise she focus on attracting ideal higher-paying clients. This upsidedown-funnel model allows her (and the women entrepreneurs she coaches) to stop undercharging and start making fabulous money.

One of the ways she does this is through her popular VIP Days. Through these workdays, she’s able to fulfill her desire to help entrepreneurs accomplish their goals and generate awesome income.

That’s what we’ll talk about in this episode: how to position yourself to a higher end market and charge what you’re worth for yummy, BRILLIANT living!

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About Kendall Summerhawk

Kendall SummerHawk is the leading expert in women coaching entrepreneurs and money, and the co-founder of The International Association of Women in Coaching (the IAWC). As a master coach, speaker, author and workshop leader, Kendall helps women increase their self- worth and their net worth by becoming successful, thriving entrepreneurs.  Her marketing expertise and training programs have helped thousands of women start and grow financially and spiritually rich businesses.

Kendall is the creator of numerous certified coach training programs including Sacred Money Archetypes, Money Breakthrough Method® Coach Training Program, Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® Coach Training Program and the Stars 6-Figure Courageous Coaching® Club.  She is also the recipient of numerous awards including Stevie Awards for Female Entrepreneur of the Year, Mentor of the Year and Women Helping Women.

Kendall happily leads a successful, multi-7-figure business delivering the message that making fabulous money is part of one’s spiritual path and giving the mentoring and marketing tools needed for women entrepreneurs to become  spiritually and financially successful. Kendall also loves spending time every day with her beloved husband and Andalusian horses.

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