Have you ever been dolled up, full hair, make up and outfit just to find yourself falling or embarrassing yourself?

I wrote this book for the women who have a facade of perfection.  They try to look and be perfect. This book is an invitation to become deeply aware of your facade and look at who you might be without it.  What if you could totally be, do and say anything without feeling rejected by another? 

Without ALWAYS trying to align and agree with their point of view?  Who would you be then?  That's the awareness this book offers. 

the power of being

falling in stilettos

But, what's the book really about, well, it's about a 20-something girl who has a fall and when she wakes up her life isn't as she remembered. 

Now. she has on a new path and life experience look at who she really is. Here's the panel copy: "When movie star trophy wife Rachael Hunt wakes up in a L.A. hospital, she s shocked to learn her life isn t how she remembered it! Feeling lost and confused, Rachael goes on a transformational journey to uncover herself. Can she go back to her old life? Will she want to?"

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Seven dragons

Seven Dragons: A Guide to a Limitless Mind addresses the epidemic of information overload, attention deficient and addictions that cause us to feel unsuccessful, overwhelmed and hopeless.  The book offers a series of profound self-coaching questions and journal opportunities.

business bushido

“Bushido” was the traditional code of the Japanese samurai, it is translated by some to mean “way of the warrior.”  In this collaborative book with Steven Covey, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Jeneth Blackert and other business growth experts, together, address the Way of Being in Business. 

seven dragons book

bushido business book