Soul Alignment: Being Your Authentic Self

#1 A 20-Minute Session with the Collective

($70.00 Value) Included with your purchase

Have two or three questions ready for this 20-minute call with the Collective, via a free conference call line (special call-in numbers or SKYPE for those outside the US).

Questions can address any issue you are dealing with, whether longer-term challenges of this or past lives, or shorter-term situations you’re dealing with right now.

Sessions can cover areas such as:

• Family and other relationships
• Your general health and well-being, including diet and problems such as addictions
• Work and life purpose
• Higher wisdom on any issues that are troubling you
• Direct messages from your “support team” — your spirit guides, Angelic guardians, and higher self
• Romantic relationships, including kindred souls and your twin flame
• Messages from loved ones — those who have passed and those still on the Earth
• Messages from your twin flame and soul family

The Collective’s wisdom, intuitive insight, and higher energies will lift your perspective and understanding to a higher level, which giving you insights and explanations you might never have had otherwise.

The Collective will concentrate on reading and lifting your energies and outlook on the issues you bring to the reading.

All of their insights carry their beautiful gifts of higher energy, to help you move to a higher level in both your life situations and your Ascension path. You will then receive an MP3 recording of the session that will contain the energies from the call. Those energies will continue flowing to you, to support you on your path, for as long as you are open to them.

#2 Healing Meditations: The Self-Love & Self-Empowerment Series

($66.00 Value) Included with your purchase

Six 15-minute Audio Series

1. Transmuting Painful Experiences: Lifting Them into Peace and Wisdom
MP3 recording
Length: 15 minutes

In this beautiful journey, you will meet higher beings who will help you transmute the energy imprints of your painful experiences into the Light of wisdom, peace, understanding, and empowerment.

2. Upgrading Your Energy Patterns: Shifting to a Higher Vibration of Divine Love, Abundance, Power, and Beauty
MP3 - Guided Meditation
Length: 18 minutes

Step out of the energy field you live in every day, and see the patterns that limit the amount of of health, Love, and abundance you are experiencing. Waves of higher Light will flow through you, erasing old boundaries and dissolving old walls around your heart, as you release thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that do not serve your higher good.

3. Staying in Your Center: Creating Clear Boundaries
MP3 - Guided Meditation
Length: 15 minutes

Experience yourself in your crystalline Lightbody, filled with luminescent healing energies, as you get clear on how the energies of people, places, and situations affect you. Your Higher Self will work with your heart-mind to increase your sense of self-love and empowerment at your core. You can stay in your true center, remaining centered and calm in any situation, as you release negative attachments and patterns, and resonate with your soul’s Light.

4. Soul Level Shifts: Creating a Life That Honors You
MP3 - Guided Meditation
Length: 16 minutes

Choose an area of your life to raise to a higher vibrational level. Then travel through a portal in space-time, and into a Creational energy field. A powerful Angelic Being will direct a stream of Light and energy, recalibrating your energy to match the vibration of this new higher reality you are creating.

5. Increasing Your Soul Connection: Reclaiming Past Life Strengths and Abilities
MP3 - Guided Meditation
Length: 15 minutes

Step through time, to visit one of your past lives. Tap into the sacred gifts you had in that life, bringing them into your conscious awareness. Let your soul gift you with a scene that is a much higher, finer image of your current life, in which you are using soul-level gifts and abilities.

6. Aligning with Your Soul’s Power: Releasing the Power of Your Soul Into Your Everyday Life
MP3 - Guided Meditation
Length: 15 minutes

Travel into the higher realms to where your Soul resides, and experience its power and courage, giving it any situation you haven’t been able to solve or understand. Receive a message from your Soul about this situation or your life path as a whole. Absorb your Soul’s wisdom, Love, and encouragement, and open to receiving energies that awaken your siddhis, such as telepathy, manifestation, transmutation, lucid dreaming, and higher dimensional sight.

#3 Two meditations from the Collective’s Fifth Dimensional Living series

($22.00 Value) Included with your purchase

Two MP3 Audio Bundle

1. Becoming Your Fifth Dimensional Self
MP3 - Guided Meditation
Length: 19 minutes

Begin to experience fifth dimensional living, including: A peaceful Earth, full of abundance, Your home in the fifth dimension, on a new timeline, Your future/fifth dimensional self—absorb their higher wisdom, and blend with their perspective. Let these powerful energies raise your vibration, as you anchor a fifth dimensional reality into your everyday life.

2. Reclaiming Your Authentic Self
MP3 - Guided Meditation
Length: 16 minutes

Remember and reclaim your true, authentic self! Travel to the higher dimensions, where you’ll meet with Angels and Crystal Beings in a place of great healing, so you can: Release and dissolve the energy blockages and false self you created to protect yourself from the disapproval of family or culture, Move into the energy of your true passions, motivations, and life purpose, Open and activate your throat chakra and heart chakra, so that you are free to speak your truth from a place of freedom, security, and self-love.

#4 Working with Energy: Birthing Your Desires into Outer Form

($11.00 Value) Included with your purchase

In this powerful guided meditation, you’ll journey into the dimension where money and other forms of abundance exist as pure energy.

You will work with the energy of what you want to create, birthing it into an outer form that serves your higher good.

This simple but powerful process will guide you in:

• Concentrating on the qualities of what you want to create, allowing it to come to you in its highest form
• Raising your energy to match the energy of what you are creating
• Listening to your intuition so that you can create it in outwardly in easy, joyful ways

#5 Three Chapters from Connections: The Collective Speak on Friendship and Romance

BONUS Included for a limited-time only

E-book – PDF Format

Enjoy this three-chapter excerpt from a new book by the Collective on understanding and enriching relationships with friends and romantic partners.

Part of the Fifth Dimensional Life series, the book is full of higher energies, wisdom, and practical insights.

Written in clear question-and- answer format, this is an enjoyable, easy-to- read discussion of modern relationships, written from a higher viewpoint.

Each question from a Lightworker opens the door to a new area of helpful higher guidance, offering a new and higher way to understand the actions and intentions of ourselves, those we love, and the third reality created by a relationship.

These three chapters offer channelings on:

• Unrequited Love
• Ending Jealousy and Insecurity
• Dealing with Loss and Betrayal in Friendship

#6 Three Chapters from Abundance For All: The Collective Speak on Creating Money and True Wealth

BONUS Included for a limited-time only

E-book – PDF Format

Enjoy this three-chapter excerpt from this popular book by the Collective on empowered abundance.

The first book in the new Fifth Dimensional Life series, Abundance For All helps us understand the energy traps of the old money system, and how we can help usher in a new fair and just financial system—while lifting our own abundance levels.

Every word carries the higher energies and wisdom of the higher realms, with practical tools for creating wealth and abundance, as well as our own life work.

These three chapters are on:

• Dealing with the Energies of the Current Money System
• Changing Your Abundance Blueprint
• Releasing “Struggle and Hard Work” Programming

#7 Listening to and Acting on Your Intuition

BONUS Included for a limited-time only

E-book – PDF Format

There are easy ways to tap into your intuition or heart-mind, so that you always make the wisest decisions, choosing only what is for your higher good.

Includes Practical Steps that reveal easy ways to get immediate answers from your heart-mind/intuition by using muscle testing.

Soul Alignment: Being Your Authentic Self

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Praise for Caroline Oceana Ryan:

"“Profound and healing . . . I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted. Much love and gratitude!”"
Lynn, New York
"I can't adequately find words to express how much interacting with you and the Collective has impacted me! All so beautiful . . . It's changed everything for me, and I'm so thrilled and excited to keep moving forward!"
Rachael, Missouri
"“I have been feeling so peaceful since the channeling that you and the Collective did last week for me. I feel like I received a healing!”"
Melissa, North Carolina
"I really enjoyed the session! I couldn't stop smiling after it . . . I felt so excited about our future and feel so empowered now! Thank you!"
Brenda, Ohio
"“A beautiful reading! I particularly appreciated the affirmations, and comments about guides. Words cannot describe my gratitude to you and the Collective. My heart is open! So much love and gratitude!”"
Rosie, Australia
"“I’ve been listening to the meditations every day, and have taken on board the advice that was given to me on the group call.   I have experienced huge shifts since buying your program, and feel it has been most beneficial!”"
Ruth, England
"I am adding your meditations and ebooks to my self-care daily practice – all very helpful for my growth and for the growth of my future clients! Thank you again! I feel re-energized with new energy from your Collective. Blessings to you!"
Terry, Life Coach
"“I have gotten so much from doing your guided meditations for two months now. My vibration is raising and I love it. Thank you!”"
Joe, Florida

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Soul Alignment: Being Your Authentic Self

$260.00 regular program value - yours for 63% OFF!
Special Offer $97 USD
100% Secure Payment

Need Help Ordering Or Have Questions?

If you have questions or concerns about the course, please contact us at 512.815.6222 or