Christina Jandali: How To Grow Your Facebook Group

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Tired of being the only one posting in your FB group?

If you’re like a lot of online entrepreneurs I know, you might be spending entire days attached to your laptop while life goes on without you.

+ Creating content.
+ Taking courses.
+ Trying to determine your space in the marketplace
+ Trying to NOT get overwhelmed and frustrated 🙂

But somehow, no one knows who you are, and when you try to launch a program? Crickets.

Maybe you already have a Facebook group, but you’re treating it a liiiiittle like a booty call: only showing up when you want something from your audience or when you have something to sell.

Or maybe you’re stuck in ‘the friend zone’: investing all of your energy into building friendships and being of service, but still not seeing the results you know you’re capable of.

No matter where you are, you might be wondering: why isn’t this working!?

How are other people growing their Facebook groups in leaps and bounds and generated record breaking profits?

And if you don’t have a group yet but don’t know how to start one the right way.

If any of that sounds familiar, you’re definitely going to want to catch this live video training series that my friend Christina Jandali.

About Christina Jandali (in her words)

I’m a Success Coach for entrepreneurs whose dreams stretch way beyond a corporate career.

I totally get what it’s like to want something better for yourself. When my daughter was born, I looked into her eyes, and I said no more am I willing to settle. It was up to me to pave the way of possibility for her. She was the inspiration for me to leave behind the 9 – 5 and start my own coaching practice. Because when you go after your dreams, you create space for other people to go after theirs.

It can be overwhelming to start a business.

You have to think about replacing your income, planning for your future, standing out as a brand, coming up with magnetic messaging and finding clients who not only love you but who love just as much. It’s a lot to go through alone.

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