Your Inner Clarity Attunment

seven dragons book

Oh my, school after holiday back, just started back for my daughter and waking up at 6:30 is definitely an adjustment. More coffee please 🙂

As an attention-deficient entrepreneur I find I often need that little bump to stay on task. It’s a good thing I don’t work for anyone else. Yikes!

Have you noticed that we often start our new year with a lot of to-do’s?

For example: Workout everyday for 40 minutes. Eat clean. Stop buying and using plastic, etc.

Augh! Well, I’ve found that this has helped me stay on my mission. Let me know if it helps you too.

Imagine having one singular sensation where you make a decision on what to create and that stupid noise of “I DON’T FEEL LIKE IT” isn’t LOUD enough to stop you!

Let’s disintegrate that now.

seven dragons

BOOM! Done! Well, it MAY take a few more times to blow up that resistant energy!

Believe me I know, I’ve written the book on it. Seven Dragons: A guide to a limitless mind.

I’ve like to give you something that helps me KILL this noise (aka Dragons)!

Oh and – – I made us this little clarity handout and video to keep us clear.

It’s yours free. It includes three little questions to get us back in alignment with our creative magic.

I have spent too many days in this “YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE IT” mode and I’m done — I hope you are too!

xo Jeneth

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