Light Alchemist Sacred Transformations Course

#1 3 MP3s -Embrace YOUR Inner Weirdo + Mp3 Bonus

($235.00 Value) Included with your purchase


Discover the parts of yourself that hold judgments to what you believe, who you think you are verse how you want other to perceive you, is holding you back from your radiance and true self.

3 Energies that hold you back from being WHOLE, Complete and in alignment with your true purpose.

STOP giving your power away to others judgments, preconceived ideas, and lack of truth.

STOP caring about what others think! This is the BIGGEST power stealer there is!

Unleash YOUR Inner Weirdo, embrace it, so that you can stand in your truth and power. Be free of those daunting energies that hold you back from your radiance!

Do you FEAR others judging you?
Does that feel heavy or light?

During this 2 part workshop we will dive into past life energies, where you may have been harmed, tortured, given death for speaking your truth and allowing your inner weirdo to be fully present.

Clear Gatekeepers that are holding your inner weirdo hostage.

Shift Belief Keepers that are lurking ,holding old paradigm beliefs, so that you can come out and fully PLAY!

Clear Humiliation and Shame energies from the past.

Clear ancestral connections that are hindering and holding you back. What family secrets around magic, energy and beliefs is keeping your inner weirdo fearful of coming out to play?

Does your inner critic have a name?
What about that voice of Judgment, self judgment, that darn inner critic, the naysayer who keeps telling you to pipe down, be quite, it’s safer to not be seen or heard?

How much influence does it have over your day to day life? Your decision making process?

Let give it a new job or new name, one that supports you and your journey.
We’ll cover that in class too!

Are you READY to be free of all that? Ready to feel invigorated to speak up, share your wisdom, talents and gifts?

Imagine feeling connected to those around you, those who too have embraced their inner weirdo! After attending this class you may find yourself attracting new peeps into your life, ones that “get you”, people who you know you can trust and who you know you can be your authentic self with!
How does it get any better than that?

Part 1
1 hour 41 minutes

Part 2
1 hour 37 minutes

Isn’t it truly time to let all this past gobbledy gook go, so that you feel good, inspired and ready to take action steps in your life?

What’s holding you back? Discover your authentic self!

Value $199.99

Finish this class feeling free! Burdens lifted and so much Lighter and connected to your inner authentic self!

NEW Sacred Language to bring in the energy of Embracing Your Authentic Self

Mp3 recording of a Special Sacred Language Activation Created specifically as an add on to the Embrace YOUR Inner Weirdo

This short recording will guide you on a journey to receive an activation and alignment to Your Authentic Self!

Listen over and over again to transform your vibrational field.

Expect Miracles!

Use it everyday!

Value $34.95

#2 BE Happy! Mp3s

($100.00 Value) Included with your purchase


Are you ready to feel Happy?
What’s stopping that energy from filling your being right now?

What’s holding you back from your true Happiness?
Perhaps some old sadness or grief?

Discover if you have a Gatekeeper or Belief Keepers holding your HAPPINESS hostage.

Do your Ancestors hold a key to your happiness or unhappiness?

During this near 90 minute live call we dove deep into old energies that may be blocking or holding you back from your true self, your light, your life and your happiness!

We start with bringing in the light of illumination to gain clarity of where this energy is holding you from your happiness.

We then release Gatekeepers, Ancestor energies are cleared 360 degrees to support your whole family.
Belief Keepers – share the belief it is holding onto – once cleared, what potential doors will open for you?

Creation of a new neural pathway for happiness. Each process anchors the energy of happiness deeper and deeper.

Clear a family secret that is holding your happiness hostage!

Final exercise we install a cord of Happiness energy to support your daily life!
This tool will help you on a daily basis each time your strum it!

88 minutes
Value $99.00

#3 4 POWERFUL Sacred Language Wisdom Code™ Activations - 4 Mp3s

($100.00 Value) Included with your purchase


Listen in as DaKara channels Ancient Sacred Language of the Ancestors and Masters. These frequencies unlock old patterns and bringing you into a place of Grace, Freedom, Prosperity, LOVE, Abundance!

Love ~ Money ~ Health ~ Success

Imagine your life opening up to infinite possibilities!

Opportunities flowing to you easily, anchoring you gracefully into new levels of awareness, consciousness and understanding!

Also included a brief meditation leading you into the Sacred Healing Meadow and Ground, be in a safe and sacred space, open your heart and mind to the Ancient words, vibrations and energies.

Recording lengths:
Love 3:25 minutes
Money 4:30 minutes
Health 4:24 minutes
Success 4:13 minutes
Value $99.95

BONUS - Enter the Meadow and Ground Audio
Use this anytime you want to prepare for inner work.

Meadow and Grounding
3:52 minutes
Value - Priceless

#4 White Dove Messenger Meditation

($25.00 Value) Included with your purchase


Magical and Inspiring energy on this recording.
White Dove has so much love to share. Discover the message from the Divine, that's just for you!

Release what is holding you back by surrendering with an Olive Branch.

Take a ride on the back of White Dove into a land of magic and possibility! Tap into the pulse of love

Stand in front of the Crystalline Altar to receive your message. Write it out and take it to heart!

Step into the 11:11 Portal back in the meadow to anchor it all in!

White Dove - a symbol of Love, Peace, Inspiration & Divine Guidance! What will White Dove have to share with you?

Connect, Receive and Anchor the truth of the message just for you! Improve your daily life by the message your receive!

11:46 minutes
Value $24.99

#5 Enter the Cave of Manifesting Meditation

($25.00 Value) Included with your purchase


Magical Meditation to assist you in your manifesting.
Write out 3 intentions to take on your journey.
Three Faerie Sprites will gift you with their special magic for manifesting.
You'll then be guided to step into the amphitheater and allow the Music of the Spheres to integrate your desires into your field!

10:52 minutes
Value $24.99

Extra Bonus - Enter the Meadow and Ground Audio
Use this anytime you want to prepare for inner work.

Meadow and Grounding 3:52 minutes

#6 Heart Point Technique Basics

($25.00 Value) Included with your purchase

MP3 DOWLOAD of the basics of HPT (Heart Point Technique)

Overview of the points, hand hold positions and a blessing of the points.
Sacred spaced is created so you can listen over and over before you use HPT in your daily life!

21:56 minutes
Value - Priceless

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Light Alchemist Sacred Transformations Course

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