Befriending Your Dragons Within

Seven Dragons Book by Jeneth

When I wrote my first book, Seven Dragons, I had a dream about the dragons in my mind.

I was in another land and started flying through a secret gate that would release all my past stories and narratives so I could truly live in the present moment.

Then before I made it through a fire breathing dragon appeared and blocking the remainder of the passage. My immediate response was to flee and go back, but then I surrendered and let my dragon befriend the fire breathing dragon.

I surrendered to its transformative energies. I wondered about the secret gate and I wondered why it needed to be guarded. All was silent for a moment and then beauty and grace flowed through me as the dragon lied down and let us pass through the gate.

In Carl Jung psychology, the dragon symbolizes the “Great Self Within.” The Self that knows ally its phenomenal power and conscious awareness. The dragons live within us.

They can show up as our shadow and path, which can both be guides to singularity and liberation. It’s a process of befriending ourselves.

When we befriend our own self righteousness, pride, arrogance, and unconsciousness we awaken to the “Great Self Within.” How cool is that?!

Imagine befriending your dragon and becoming All of YOU.

I just posted a video Q & A on how to get passed the overwhelm dragon. Watch it now 🙂

P.S. Read more about dragons in my book Seven Dragons – available on Amazon.

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