28 Days to Radiant Living

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28 Days to Radiant Living is a daily audio course & 3 pre-recorded livestreams, with wisdom and Activations to help find The Brilliance of You

Unlike any other course, this will expand your awareness into the Quantum Fields of Infinite Possibility and Creation, and have you experience living from this paradigm shift. It provides a new lens in which to see your life, and the hand and heart holding support you need to make the jump into 5D living and beyond.

The course is based around the moon cycle, and day 1 each month starts one day prior to new moon. You are able to repeat the course as often as you choose, with daily audio recordings of around 30 minutes. It is ideal to do first thing in the morning to set you up with a new awareness and focus for the day, as well as powerful Quantum Soul Activations to clear your energetic bodies and Soul wounds, so you can open up and receive your connection once again to your Soul Families.

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#1 28 Days to Radiant Living Daily Course

($397.00 Value) Included with your purchase

Each day, you receive recordings delivered direct to your inbox, to listen at your own convenience. We work through a different focus every few days, to allow time for integration and shift.

You will receive a 7-10 minute audio recording to help change your perception and experience of life. It contains with powerful wisdom designed to expand your awareness and challenge your beliefs that may not be serving you.

You will also receive a powerful Quantum Soul Activation of 15-20 minutes every day to facilitate the clearing and re-connection to all the high vibrational feelings and resources you could ever desire.

Understand how to anchor these feelings in and to know how to access them at any time, especially when if stress starts to rise.

Each day, I will also send a PDF with bullet points of the day’s topic and suggested homework for you to action each day, if you are wishing to fast track your change.

Your time investment each day is up to you – allow 20-30 minutes each day the first time you do the course, you may always revisit and just do the Activations as a morning practice at a later time. Homework is more about awareness and considering your ways of Being, so need not weigh heavily on your daily To Do list.

#2 28 Days of Quantum Soul Activations

($397.00 Value) Included with your purchase

15-20 mins each – powerful transmissions for clearing your energetic patterns and reconnecting to the Divine Resources

Here's some topics we will cover:

• The resources that are waiting for you to access and utilize to co-create magic in your life

• How your Soul wounds are the underlying cause for most of your sabotage patterns and life-long challenges - and experiencing the shifts within the Quantum healing work

• Understand what causes your separation from love, and how to return to self-love

• Relationship dynamics and how to end your co-dependency traits once and for all

• Awaken your inner creative with joy, whilst bringing in productive, focused energy

• Letting go of your mind's requirement for control over your life and determine Who you really want driving your life, to find true freedom AND security

• Shattering your notion of time and how to bring what you desire into the now

• Embodying and integrating your Higher Self with your current life to radically alter your perception, experience and outcomes - by simply getting out of your own way

#3 3 Recordings Live Stream Q&A Sessions (60 - 90 minutes each)

($197.00 Value) Included with your purchase


Day one of the course will start with a live call with me, and in 60-90 minutes you will receive...

• Full clarity on what's about to unfold, for you to feel the excitement and possibility of your Brilliance. Setting intentions so you make your commitment to this Transformational Journey.

• Half way through the course, you will receive a recording of the live Q & A session we did in October 2016, to give you examples and more practical ways and ideas to incorporate this work into your life

• You will receive a recording of the third call will be towards the end of the 28 days, before the full Integration of all you have called in and connected with.

• You will only receive the 28 days emails once, and yours to keep for easy reference next time you chose to redo the course. Listen at a time that suits you each day.

#4 Save $200 off Live Version of The Brilliance Of You with Jo – next course starts March 26

($200.00 Value) Included with your purchase

This program to claim the Brilliance of You is a stand-alone course you can complete at any time, preferably starting the day before New Moon each month. This way you harness the extra cosmic support to help you bring your intentions to life.

However, you don't have to go this alone. Join together with other like-spirited women also ready for a life transformation and share the journey with them...

"The Brilliance of You" Facebook Group is a secret group with lifetime access for people who have purchased the course, and love the idea of a supportive community and daily access to Jo Muir for additional growth and awareness. All the participants rated this as a key part of the program for the additional support. 

I will be adding extra thoughts and ideas around each day’s subject, and it’s open for you to share your thoughts, feelings, celebrations and frustrations. As the conversations emerge, additional material, clearing and Activations may be beneficial, and I will share them here.

We will also run 3 Live Stream Q&A – so in addition to the ones you get recorded, you will also get Jo Live and unedited! This is where the magic happens, as you have the opportunity to commune directly with Jo and her energy on the day.

You are welcome to bring forward your questions, and also, we will give the opportunity for participants to receive the direct healing in a live Activation that will assist them and the group.
All sessions will be recorded, and you are welcome to send in questions or queries before through the FB group or directly to Jo, to be answered, if you are unable to make the call.

The Live version is the most affordable way to have direct access to Jo for 28 days, as she holds the space for your transformation, and offers the support to maximise your Journey, together with the collective support of the group.


For those purchasing the live course, you will also get 30 minutes with Jo for an Akashic record reading, if you are one of the first 20 to purchase the live upgrade. Find out who your Soul Families are, the qualities of spirit you are here to bring forward, and the challenges you repeat lifetime after lifetime. This reading gives a deeper understanding of Who You Really Are, and helps form a closer bond to those Soul Families when you experience the Journeys to them in the daily Activations.

The $200 voucher can be used against any future 28 Day course (please contact Jo for future dates beyond the course starting March 26 US time). The usual price for the Live version is $AU495 (around US$380) so you can get the upgrade to the Live version for only around US$225.

#5 Bonus 1 - Morning meditation $27 value

($27.00 Value) Included with your purchase

A perfect daily top up during or after the course to keep you connected to the Divine fields you have experienced. Embodying and utilising these energies and connections are the secret to Radiant Living

Daily intentions of experiencing life through magical co-creation can make the world of difference to remind yourself what you are really here to experience in this lifetime.

Start your day in the Connected Way to bring a smile to your heart, and knowing you are creating another fantastic day for yourself right now

#6 Bonus 2 - Evening meditation $27 value

($27.00 Value) Included with your purchase

A wonderful wind-down at the end of the day, where you offload your day, reset and find your peaceful place before you sleep for the night. With reminders for gratitude, and intentions for the following day.

End your day with serenity, trusting everything is perfect, and reminding yourself how blessed you are to have such an amazing life.

#7 Bonus 3 - Exclusive Access to my VIP Days

BONUS Included for a limited-time only

I will be running for small numbers of women at locations around Australia (and then the world!) This is the ultimate in depth, personal recode for your life, including Light Surgery on any physical challenge, removal of the thorns from your Soul Wounds, and inter-dimensional light language healings and messages for your Soul.

I am planning a few more surprises along the way too –as I feel into the Collective, I am sure more will want to come forward to share with you.

28 Days to Radiant Living

$1245.00 regular program value - yours for 92% OFF!
Special Offer for Real Raw YOU $97 USD

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Praise for Jo Muir:

"Jo's work has been instrumental in empowering me to step forward in my life with a whole new perspective and body knowing of my love source and who I truly am. It has been life changing to reconnect with my "universal self" in all aspects of my life; work, play, family and relationship. I feel at peace, powerful and able to be with present with all that comes my way, even in the tricky and challenging times. Jo is highly skilled, perceptive and knowledgeable. Her work is a great way to facilitate the change you seek."
Trina Bailey, Trina Bailey Healing, Adelaide
"Jo is compassionate. I recently have had a few days where I have been feeling some changes and emotions around shifts happening in my life. Jo offered me some wise words and reached out with her heart to me. She is insightful. She sees the amazing potential in people which is probably one of the reasons we connect so well as I coach I see the same. So there is my shout-out Jo you are a wonderful coach, soul reader, intuitive and friend and I hope more people take the time to soak up your deliciousness and reach out and get to know you. Thank you for bringing your light to the world."
Kimberly Manning Rapid Results Life Coaching
"Jo has a very special gift and I would recommend her to anyone looking for deeper, more spiritual understanding regarding those forces that often act as invisible, yet inexorable currents in our lives, as well as a tool for personal growth. I have already recommended her to many of my friends, and will continue to do so!"
R.A. Ballestrin Adelaide
"Seriously WOW!!! Jo Muir is totally amazing and very gifted. This beautiful soul has left me feeling at peace, loved and safe. I also feel connected on a very deep level and I am in a state of joy and bliss. I have a new understanding of trust and my creativity and connections are stronger this is a very welcomed blessing. If you have been considering working with Jo make it a plan to do so as soon as possible you won’t regret it. With so much love very blessed and grateful for this gift."
Tammie Sharp
"Jo's work is amazing. An hour with her is worth more than hours of other work I've done and her clearings are very strong and stabilizing and empowering."
Katrina Supicic
"I hugely recommend the investment in this course for yourself. The best program I have done to break through my blocks both personally and with my business. I stopped most of my self sabotaging behaviours, stepped more into self love and boundaries and let go of my belief systems keeping me hidden in the disguise of a perfectionist. I have far greater clarity of my role in this consciousness and the legacy I am to leave behind Thank you so much Jo. As you know I am a repeat client"
Rebecca Gibson, Psychic, healer and coach, NSW
"I shifted a lot of stuck energy in all areas especially around self worth and self love. And I felt more ease with connecting into source and going into my heart space.  I feel lighter and more connected than ever before which is definitely an intention I had set for myself at the beginning of this course. I love that I had an Akashic reading from you Jo at the beginning of the course and found out my soul realms I belong to are Hadar and Mintaka and parallell universes, because when It came time to learn about those in the course I definitely felt a greater connection to them. I love that I now know how to call upon the light of Hadar or Mintaka anytime I need now. Also I especially loved listening to all the light language transmissions. They always made me feel awesome afterwards xx Thank you Jo"
Candace Allum, Perth
"I love how expansive i have become and how far i have come. I am also definitely more grounded, connected and clearer in my connections - less negative and less likely to react and more likely to act ..Jo Muir I have absolutely loved this process and can confidently say if you decide to go into a more advanced course further down the track I’m there. . I am so grateful i did this course and that you had so much practical stuff to share .."
Donna Morgan, Australia

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28 Days to Radiant Living

$1245.00 regular program value - yours for 92% OFF!
Special Offer for Real Raw YOU $97 USD

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If you have questions or concerns about the course, please contact us at 512.815.6222 or