Step Into 5th Dimensional Living

#1 Module 1: Breathing Health

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In this first module, I will teach you good breathing techniques, without which we cannot support the body fully. These breathing techniques will open all the bodies meridians, putting your energy system in a perfect state of motion, able to take on more Light than before, able to take on a higher vibration than before and putting your body in better health. When you finish, you will feel so good!

#2 Module 2: Mastering Your Light Part 1

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In this module I will take you on a trip to the highest Soul World there is, that of Mintakan, the Soul World that stayed loyal to Light. There are certainly others that are in your Soul contract, but this will give you a very good taste of what it's like to keep a promise that most forget and never keep. It's a wonderful experience. You will become Light-filied, your vibration will rise, you will walk the planet as an inspiration for others and the planet herself.

#3 Module 2: Mastering Your Light Part 2

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This video will instruct you in what seems like a simple, but is actually a high-level sun salutation, or bowing meditation which will gather Universal energies, which are actually raw potential waiting for an observer to find their point in time. This is but one way to DIRECT your light. This is just the beginning as I will build on this meditation. As you gather enough light you will learn to DIRECT your light to move your body instead of your body moving you.

#4 Module 3: Module 3 - Experience 5th Dimensional Living

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Now that your meridians are open and your energy is spinning correctly, due to the breathing health exercise as well as the intelligence of the Light from Mintakan, we have a solid base to remember your 5D living. It's already there, I will just teach you how to re-assemble it. This is when the fun begins! During this module I will also teach you how to intentionally raise your vibration, stay in alignment with your higher self and manifest from 5D into 3D.

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Step Into 5th Dimensional Living

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