Ascending and Healing with the Pleiadians and Archangel Michael

#1 30-min. Angelically Channeled Session or Mediumship

($198.00 Value) Included with your purchase

Do you want 1-on-1 Answers to the Biggest Questions of Your Life?

30 min. Private Reading via landline or skype
Value $198.00

Would you like to know your soul purpose? Do you wish to be called to serve in Archangel Michael’s lightworkers army? Are you curious where you soul home is? When your infinity partner is entering? Why do you keep seeing numbers? Is this the best time to look for another job? What can be done to increase your abundance?

You may choose to split your session between a channeled angelic or ascended masters reading or combine it with a mediumship one. Kelly will hear the guidance from your loved ones if they are able to come through. If not, Archangel Michael will access their soul pieces and share that information with you. Reading INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL can give further insight into the journey of a soul and what happens in the kingdom of heaven prior to your session. You may also choose to ask about your pets. Kelly is also a gifted animal communicator.

All sessions are confidential. Appointments are arranged via email once Kelly’s office is notified of your purchase from anywhere in the world. See why Kelly is such a sought after spiritual guide. Once secured, everyone kindly rings Kelly at their arranged time either via her land line or via skype from anywhere in the world. Be sure and add Kelly to your skype contacts as kelly.a.hampton. Your sessions will be recorded for replay.

#2 50% Discount off any future 60 min. Channeling Session

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50% OFF
Future sessions: 60 min. 1 on 1 Channeling or Mediumship Sessions

Future 60 min. channeling sessions are at ½ price. Valid for one year from package purchase date. Via landline or skype from anywhere in the world. Kindly forward your receipt to

#3 30-min. Private Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM Healing Session

($85.00 Value) Included with your purchase


Be reunited with your soul family, have implants and energetic fears removed, have your DNA restructured in one of the most (if not THE most) powerful healing system on the planet since 2010. Travel to your original soul home for healing, experiencing bliss, peace and calm, going through star gates to experience God, receiving key code activations, time travel with further advancement into the system, receive sacred healing symbols from Archangel Michael and much, much more. More than 15 light races are present now in every session, using light language as tone, harmonic codes, sacred geometry and other advanced methods to help you Ascend and heal many conditions of the mind, body, spirit, which have been documented by thousands around the globe.

Connect to Higher Consciousness on The Galactic Plane Why is this modality is so powerful? The source is Pleiadian-5th D pure love from the Great Central Sun, who preside in this planetary system at the Temple of Illumination

Q: If the world is Ascending Archangel Michael why is there a need for a new powerful healing system like Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM?


Join the thousands of individuals all over the world who have already experienced this ground-breaking modality since 2010 with this special offer. Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM may be given up to 3’x for the same set of conditions per AAMichael and certain conditions may require more than one attunement for maximum healing benefit. YOU WILL HAVE GREATEST healing benefit if you also combine it by integrating Archangel Michael’s New Ascension system for home space clearing and elevation--Ascended Spaces. If you have already experienced 60 min. of Star Healing, please select the download labeled SECOND ATTUNEMENT FORM (not the first attunement form). Some individuals come back to the system with no health concerns only to get greater knowing and see visions of Atlantis, Christ, receive keycode activation, time travel, reunite with their Star families and more.

Experience this safe, non invasive magnificently beautiful 5thD Healing cellular healing system and have benefits extend decades from now as a result! This work “upgrades” your mind, body, spirit multidimensional expanding you to your magnificent 5-D. Everyone will be given 3 sacred symbols, experience 19 energetic techniques, sound and gems will also be used. You will be provided with at least 2 significant healing teachings from Archangel Michael to continue long after your session is complete. THIS IS ASCENSION HEALING. Part of this means that this is NOT silent form of healing. Kelly will share with you why things are being done, Archangel Michael has asked that visionary imagining be a part of this system and you will be able to share your experiences. Given to Kelly in 2010 Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM is as learnable as Theta Healing and The Reconnection. This system goes several levels higher in multidimensional healing. Many are calling it the most powerful healing on the planet.

Here is a PARTIAL list of some of the health conditions clients have reported relief or elimination with after receiving this amazing 5th D molecular work--

Reduction or elimination of skin
cancers/tumors bone spurs
Circulatory disorders
Clairvoyance enhancement
Immune system dysfunction
Allergies, Asthma and other respiratory conditions
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Ringing in the ears
Soul traumas from abuse and other emotional damage
Addictions, compulsions,
Fears, phobias
Attention deficit disorder (ADD)
Body aches and pains including arthritis and slipped disks
Sleep disturbances,
Depression, memory loss
Migraines, gallstones and kidney stones
Hearing loss, infections, nerve damage
Overindulgence in food and alcohol

In addition, many are traveling to their original 5th d. homes experiencing bliss, peace and calm, going through star gates, receiving key code activations, having implants removed, including grays and dark entities, traveling through time with advancing sessions.

#4 30-min.Group Healing Session for Small Animals

($85.00 Value) Included with your purchase

Kelly will be conducting the group healing on two dates: Monday 10/30 and Monday 11/13.

This offer is for one pet per household, though you may purchase additional packages. You do not need to be present during the healing. However, please complete and return the appropriate animal intake form found in your instant downloads via email so Kelly is aware of the animals being brought forward and you can receive follow up notes for your pet as toxic release symptoms may occur to be aware of. If you have a date preference, kindly indicate that also. Kelly’s office is Additional later dates for the group healing session may also be conducted.

How is this system different than let’s say, Reiki or any other healing system?

“In one sense all energy healing systems are attempts to connect with source energy whatever that energy source. Reiki for animals is a healing system that has helped thousands of animals and will continue to do so. However, more animals just like humans are entering in with higher vibrations and they simply respond better to a healing system that is advanced enough to help them. Most small animals, dogs/cats under the age of six have entered in with higher vibrational needs, and thus making them similar to the “Aware” children like the Indigos, Rainbows, Crystalline, and Atlantean souls. This does not mean, however, that small animals over age 6 will not also benefit from cellular peace and calm--they will. Higher vibrational species of plants and animals are also on your planet presently since the Ascension and will continue to arrive. In the sense that there are more powerful energy sources like Star Healing, it’s a bit like comparing apples to oranges.”—Archangel Michael

What is Pleiadian Energy exactly?

“Pleiadians and Pleiadian energy is wise and powerful. It originates in a galaxy light years outside of your own. It is pure love, 5thD energy. The 5thD is also the lowest dimension upon which I reside. Think of this system as turning your animal’s body, your human body into a crystalline light body. One day all souls, all animals and the plant kingdom will be pure crystalline energy. For a more in-depth examination of this loving galaxy you may wish to read my words.” (2012 and Beyond: The Truth from Archangel Michael) —Archangel Michael


BONUS Included for a limited-time only

Ebook PDF

Whitney Freya has been facilitating creative learning since 1996 when she opened The Creative Fitness Center. Since then, she has travelled globally as a creativity expert, published three books on personal creativity, including her latest book launching now, Rise Above, Free Your Mind One Brushstroke at a Time, and founded her Creatively Fit Coaching Certification Program to ensure as many people as possible remember their infinite creative nature in as supportive a way as possible.

Whitney has facilitated her process at The Esalen Institute, Burning Man, The Agape Spiritual Center, and creativity conferences in South Africa, Dubai, Canada and the U.S. She has appeared on summits alongside Dr. Wayne Dyer, Donna Eden & more. Humanitarian News recognized Whitney for her work with Women for Women International. She lives in the "wild west" of NE Oregon with her three teenagers, who LOVE to "think creatively!"


BONUS Included for a limited-time only

Ebook PDF

1 Healing the Core of Mother Earth
2 In the Beginning
3 Animals of the Water

Archangel Michael leads us through a powerful examination of the animal kingdom from pre-dawn to the future, exploring new species of animals, mythical creatures and more. The angel shares healing codes for every man, woman and child to help heal the animals. Through Archangel Michael's divine wisdom you will be inspired, receive new information never before shared in a loving, profound way. A must read for anyone and everyone who loves animals and is also looking for answers to some of the world's most lingering questions--what happened to the dinosaurs, is the Loch Ness Monster real, what is the future of animals nearing extinction, how are the animals here to help accelerate the healing of the planet, what do other galaxies have to do with the animal kingdom and much, much more. Understand how animals of water, land and air communicate with each other. Hear from Mother Earth as she shares her wisdom about early Earth and the earliest of animals. Learn 10 top ways to help elevate the animal kingdom, and why some animals are known as indigo, rainbow and crystalline animals. It is written as a parable because it is in many ways, a holy book. Entire text is available through Signed copies shipped within the USA at

Ascending and Healing with the Pleiadians and Archangel Michael

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Praise for Kelly Hampton:

"I just had a life changing angel reading with messages from the Archangels Michael and the Ascended Masters. It was very clear, and spot-on. Archangel Michael and I had a wonderful conversation in the reading in which it felt as if we were best friends and he knew exactly what plan of action would be for my highest good. All the angel messages that came through were accurate, clear, direct, and inspirational. After this session, my energy fields changed from feeling drained into feeling hopeful about life. Before the reading I was needing an energy boost and Archangel Michael provided that. An so please consider doing an angel reading with Kelly Hampton for she is kind, loving, and brings forth the Michael messages in such a loving way. "
Gabe, Ohio
"If you haven't had a reading/guidance session w/Michael via Kelly, you NEED TO. My specific questions were answered, AS WELL AS details about my life/me that Michael thought I needed to know about that were not a part of my questions.(So, if you are wondering, "is this real, possible?" The answer is YES.) Specific, relevant, expansive, beautiful, practical, and very accurate indeed. It's an experience I will never forget and has helped me tremendously. It has given me the direction, clear guidance, and courage I need to move through some major upcoming transitions. Can't wait for the next one! I think you are the best psychic I have ever spoken to -- simply beyond amazing with such accuracy and details. I was blown away!"
Alice Claire, D.
"Great news! I read with you last week and I was the one where my dad took up most of my time in my reading. Well one of the things that he said he would send came. A RED STRING! and heat. Of course I was the one that got the heat. (smile). The lights went out in a power storm and I went to my sister's. While i was there I became hot for a short period of time, not knowing that this was it. A few moments after I happened to look down at my feet, there was the string! I asked my sister what was it and she said it was a string, from her dress that was irritating her the other day, so she cut it but never threw it awayI GASP! "
Katherine Dolorno
"Awesome call. Connection with my departed husband Michael, confirmation in the fact that he wants me to go on my cruise in March like we always used to go on. He is with the angels. xxoo Kelly and AAMichael, thank you so very much for the amazing messages yesterday! My heart was filled with so much love and peace after the messages from AAMichael. Hearing from my mother erased the pain I have carried in my heart since I was a little girl. The messages from her were so accurate that I knew it was her beyond a shadow of a doubt. My heart is filled with so much love and gratitude for you and AAMichael. You validated so much of what was ringing in my soul. I know I can now live my divine purpose. Thank you, Thank you. "
Sandra K.
"This is my first time working with Kelly and doing energetic body work and no words can describe the impact that I felt. With the reading session with AAMichael, the information was in depth and spoke to my being with accuracy and knowing. The guidance given was practical, articulate, and with so much love. As for the 30 min Star Healing Intergalactic session, I physically, emotionally, and visually had encounters with every component Kelly was working on. They even addressed physical ailments that I didn't realize was still prevalent in my body. After the session, I immediately noticed how much lighter, having heightened awareness of surroundings with all my senses, and for the first time feel being “whole” which I have been working on and resolving for many years. The feeling of being broken or the piece of me that was missing was gone. Basically, whatever you have going on, you can be assured it will be addressed. I highly recommend going for a session and have your own experience. I feel so alive and blessed to have the opportunity to cross paths with Kelly."
Justina C.
"I had been feeling a lump under my left ribcage which would move and squirm at times and when on my back I felt pressure and weight. I also had smaller painful I would lay umps on the side of my left ribcage in assorted sizes. When I woke up ocn Saturday morning, lying on my back, I realized I felt empty. I had no pressure, and no pain. The lumps along the side of my chest are also gone. I am amazed, astounded, surprised, and elated. I don't know why I'm surprised since I've had my first healing with you just this past year. I asked for healing of skin cancer on my fae, and migraine headaches. I have far less headaches, and the surgery for my skin cancer was much less than my surgeon expected. I am so thankful for Archangel Michael's words, advice, love and guidance, and I am most thankful that you have the courage and strength to bring them to the public so we can all go forward into the ascension without fear."
Jennifer Danion
"I'm very grateful to the angels, you for giving me a healing. This morning I was able to do all of my stretches with ease and realized my ball joint went back into place (the hip) last night during the healing. Now I can say from direct experience that Star Healing moves joints back into place"
"Last week AAM did an energy transmission for my kitty. His left eye had a serious ulcer. Initially, the emergency veterinarian mentioned to me that if I had not brought him in for treatment there could have been risk of me having to take him to an ophthalmologist and risk of him losing his eye. 3 days later, I took him in for an evaluation from his regular veterinarian, they said that there was no trace of the ulcer and all was fine. He was to finish out the rest of his meds, to just keep an eye on him and he could return to his regular activities, minus the awful collar he had to wear. In 3 days? I absolutely think the healing was a miraculous help! We both thank you very much. He is such a blessing to me and shows a lot to me that I need to learn, so his well being means so much more than I could explain"
Lucy and Juniper, CA
"It's the best book I've ever read in my entire life so far. It helps me so much in changing my life for the best. I found enlightenment in it, and I could not put it down for I was hooked on every word. I found love and salvation in this book. It is really the most precious thing I could ever found in my whole life. I felt so much peace, love and light after I read the book that it is AMAZING! My soul needed this book so badly and I'm so grateful that I found it. :-)"

All of us here at REALRAWYOU and the Synergy Podcast are grateful for the contribution of our listeners and speakers, that's why we honor our speaker's great work. Due to the nature of digital programs refunds are unavailable. We rely on your authenticity and integrity as a listener to honor each speaker's digital assets as much as we do. We appreciate and thank all our listeners for understanding and respecting this guarantee.


Ascending and Healing with the Pleiadians and Archangel Michael

$572.00 regular program value - yours for 83% OFF!
Special Offer $97 USD
100% Secure Payment

Need Help Ordering Or Have Questions?

If you have questions or concerns about the course, please contact us at 512.815.6222 or