Quantum Meditation and Mastery Series

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#1 Class 1: Quantum Detox

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Do you feel you have some stored up energy needing to be released? Maybe you have emotional, psychological, biophysical, and/or psychic energy all needing to be let out and cleared. Come and take this wonderful trip with Kenji to release all these energies and renew yourself. Call it a deep soul energy cleansing, if you will, ridding yourself of all old ideas, thoughts and of course energies that no longer suit your needs. Call forth your divine spiritual guides, to help protect and be one with you. Divinely align with your earth guides feeling their energies pass through you, assisting you. Even connect with your Guardian Angel, your keeper since birth, sent here to help guide and protect you. Trust in these connections as you move through this deep yet wonderfully loving meditation. You have an enormous amount of help here on this earth plane, even if sometimes it feels are alone in this world, you are not! This meditation will reconnect you with the strength and guidance that you are looking for.

#2 Class 2: Freeing your Energy

($150.00 Value) Included with your purchase

In this second evergreen recording in this series we will connect with our helpers of this lifetime experience. Souls on the other side of the vale, consisting of ascended masters, beings of great light that have previously walked and mastered this earth, beings from other galaxies and realms, even our own ancestors. Call forth these masters to connect with them and like‐minded souls to begin to set energies forward for our freedom and our ability to be unique with our many talents. Let go of all worries and fears, release and disengage from all the stress and chaos in the world and all that is preventing you from living in the light that you desire. Create your own field of your own space and energy, letting go of all connections with anyone else’s energy and intentions. Feel Free!

#3 Class 3: Open Ended Possibilities

($150.00 Value) Included with your purchase

Take a break and breath in the beautiful infinite light centering and connecting you to the earth mother. Allow Kenji to take you on a beautiful trip surrounding you with white light from the angelic kingdom, letting go of all unconscious resistance to change. Wake up the important power points in your brain and connect to the endless possibilities while embracing the infinity power throughout. Recharge your dormant DNA to supercharge your cells and brain. Cleaning, clearing and cleansing! Connect with source through your whole self, inside and out. Release past lifetime stress and worry and reconnect on every level. You will feel like a whole new being after this amazing activation!

#4 Class 4: Spirit Jewel Frequency

($150.00 Value) Included with your purchase

Relax your body and travel with Kenji into the Quantum. Feel all the power and light moving through your limitations and expectations from others. Traveling deep down in through the cellular structure of your body into the micro universe to connect with this energy. Activate the self‐healing mechanism of your brain, receive the healing downloads and brain repair to restructure your brain tissue and cells. Allowing this power to move your brain from aging to youthfulness, you hold the key to this regeneration. Feel as if your awareness is being magnetically pulled back to its source so that you may be reconfigured to your original blueprint of divinity. Power of the infinite will run through you.

#5 Class 5: Reclaiming Your Power

($150.00 Value) Included with your purchase

Fill up your entire body with illuminating white light as you move through arcs of golden light into the essence realm. Bring awareness to your body, your quantum; even become aware of your awareness, where here you have no limits. Clear out any dysfunction, mental illness, and abusive relationships with this powerful activation. Feel the powerful surge of energy as you receive the healing offered here. Healing of your emotions, your mind, your physical body, and healing of circumstances in your life. You can take back your power and reclaim your inner strength from this life or past life experiences.

#6 Class 6: Winter Solstice

($150.00 Value) Included with your purchase

In this special activation, you will feel the amazing Solstice energies, Red Rock energies and world Christmas energies. Ground yourself, breath and feel powerfulactivity through the palms of your hands and balms of your feet. Opening these points to penetrate all your creative processes. Stimulate your spiritual calling and your work for this planet. Allowing what you desire to become practical and achievable for you. Connect with the solstice angels and celebrate your awakening, transformation and your next step. Feel the illumination of spirit in your life. Clear all the parts of you body that has been hurting, so that you can now feel the light.

#7 Activation 1: Opening the Portal

($79.00 Value) Included with your purchase

In this first intense activation, you will be guided by Kenji to connect with your sacred heart space, while relaxing yourself completely. Connect with inner child, pillars of light, and your spiritual divine guidance to open the 11:11 portals. Disengage from all your worries and personal life, enabling you to concentrate on finding your still point. While listening to your guidance, you have the opportunity to find all the possibilities that await you. Re-calibrate your system in a easy way while self adjusting your body. Absorbing all rainbow colors as needed to assist in healing of emotional and physical body. You will feel refreshed, renewed, reconnected and ready to continue your 11:11 Journey.

#8 Activation 2:­ Your Journey

($79.00 Value) Included with your purchase

Continue along your Journey with this second special activation. Release any remaining old energies and let go of all your attachments and past. Ground with the marvelous energies of the bell rock helping to perfectly align you. Feel the power of the 11:11 gateway, as it goes deep into all the layers of muscle tissues and bones in your body. Touching again on your emotional and mental body, allowing all of these areas to release self‐doubt about your future, your purpose, relationships, health, etc. The I AM power is strong and active during this activation. Receive you’re your personal blessings that are awaiting, guiding you to continue your growth cycle.

#9 Activation 3:­ Quantum Changes

($79.00 Value) Included with your purchase

Bring together your Soul Family, your Ancestors, and family members, even family pets, to connect with you during this activation. Gain assistance and knowledge from these kindred souls involved in your soul purpose. Integrate all the wonderful, amazing, energies of your Soul family and the 11:11 energies to work the best way possible for you at this time. Include the red rock and bell rock energies and love and support to cleanse and purify you. Gently integrating all the Quantum changes that were brought to you on this journey. Be guided to breath in all the introductions and awareness of your new identity within self. Bringing you to a new level of relationships in all areas of your life while moving into the unknown with confidence and trust. Connect with your soul mate deep within your heart center and feel the presence of those souls yet to come into your life. Feel perfect freedom to express yourself in the world without fear!

#10 BONUS - Planetary Work for Freedom‐ Special New Moon Activation

($29.00 Value) Included with your purchase

This is a special invitation for all those that see these words. It has come,spontaneously, to my attention to offer a special planetary prayer work activation to all world servers, New Millennium kids, (foster) parents, caregivers, lightweavers, lightworkers, healers, counselors, therapists, social workers, school teachers, leaders in their field and anyone wishing for a peaceful world for all.

We are going to offer a prayer approach that anyone can do in their privacy of their home and office, in Nature, in any place of quietude and where small groups of people, family or friends can gather to offer a prayer with a particular focus of intent to all those that are:

• Suffering in pain, injury and disease
• In imprisionment and control of any kind
• In self turmoil and guilt over past decisions
• Feeling alone and despondent
• Thinking about suicide or leaving their incarnation
• In abusive relationships and situations
• Confused, anxious and in desperation
• Facing bankruptcy, divorce, separation and/or homelessness
• Feeling test and graduation anxiety
• Experiencing brain dysfunction and mobility and communication issues
• Have fear and phobias from unknown origins
• Ready for release from the victim, sabateur, prostitute and wounded inner child archetypes

We will bring forth, with the help of my ancestors/lineage, healing elementals, freedom angels, liberation masters and light beings from the celestial realms, a new and unique live quantum activation for the freedom of the earth and humanity.

We especially invite teens and young adults to this special event. All creeds, spiritual paths, cultures, atheists and agnostics, young and old are welcome to attend.

Take this journey for freedom for:
Clarity of Life Mission
Resetting your Sleep Cycle
Clearing Allergic Symptoms
Strengthening your Immune System
Clear Shadow Self and align to deeper level with spiritual masters and archangels

All of us here at REALRAWYOU and the Synergy Podcast are grateful for the contribution of our listeners and speakers, that's why we honor our speaker's great work. Due to the nature of digital programs refunds are unavailable. We rely on your authenticity and integrity as a listener to honor each speaker's digital assets as much as we do. We appreciate and thank all our listeners for understanding and respecting this guarantee.


Quantum Meditation and Mastery Series

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