Kristin Kirk: Deepening Enlightenment Daily

How do we transition from ​cycling ​inner repetitive stories ​to living the freedom and radiant brilliance we truly are each moment?

Please join Kristin Kirk in this healing transmission amplifying the blueprint of divine embodied enlightenment to support your remembrance and integration of absolute freedom and joy every day. Kristin will share her journey through healing and surrender that has unfolded into a profound depth and acuity of sustained multidimensional awakeness. She’s also put together a spectacular offer $99 with over 25 hours from her live course in Hawaii. 

About Kristin Kirk

After an initial awakening in 2003 and 16 years of surrendering in lucid fluid multidimensional awakeness, Kristin now shares live stream healing sessions and awakening classes internationally and is currently writing a book series to support the awakening process and self realization. Her authentic heart-centered teaching, acuity and embodied presence reside in direct experience of the Absolute independent of any spiritual tradition.

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