The #1 Tool I Use to LEAP Beyond My Goals! (Video Below)

We made it through the first week back of school. To clarify, she only had 3 days last week. Thank goodness and now I’m feeling ready to MAKE 2020 HAPPEN!

If you’ve been watching since the beginning of the year, you might have seen my decade in review and my first 3 steps to clarity. Today, I want to take that clarity even deeper with what I call my 90-day self love note. It is my #1 tool to leap beyond what I know is possible.

But first, let’s get something straight.

You may have heard the term:

Leap in, the net will appear"

BUT you may not live life that way.

For me, being one to leap and leap over (well, I don’t always leap) and over again while growing my lifestyle business over the last 15 years, I KNOW this strong TRUST in my inner KNOWER and my courage to really make it happen has become my foundational platform from where seeds are planted, nurtured and grown.

When you don’t believe in YOU and deep down you don’t feel unworthy, you will self-sabotage to make that true.

How to Start Leaping!

NOW is the time to love yourself fiercely.

  • Acknowledge yourself from whomever, you feel is making you feel wrong or unworthy.
  • Express your feelings and never judge them.
  • Let yourself evolve out of this limitation.
  • Become super curious about what makes you feel inspired and uninspired.
  • Be loud, seen, appreciated, loved. 

Wow. I just had to get that out!

NOW let me tell you about THIS tool I use to LEAP Beyond My Goals!

I made us this little 90 day handout and video to keep us clear.

Falling In Stilettos: A Novel by Jeneth Blackert
Gala Darling: The Year of Radical Self-Love