Being the Greatness of You

Being the Greatness of You


Using Channeled Angelic Light Language to
Expand out of Limitations and Align with Your Higher Self

Many people are dissatisfied with their lives and desperately want to improve their situation, whether it be their health, relationships, or financial abundance. Society has trained people to look outside themselves for the answers and to logically try to solve their problems. This external focus is extremely disempowering and the over reliance on the mind has left most people frustrated and feeling stuck in the ever tightening looping nature of the intellect.

ManTarA is a collective of high-level Angelic beings, of which my higher Self is a part. Our approach, when helping people transform themselves, is to bring the emphasis back to improving the their inner relationship with themselves and then to simply allow their external situations to reflect this new harmonious alignment.

Angelic Light Language bypasses the intellectual mind and communicates directly with the Soul, Heart and physical body of the recipient. We work deeply within the Soul contracts, energetic structures and cellular memories to clear out the root causes of limitations.

As the individual expands, this language is used to facilitate an energetic invitation to allow the embodiment of Self Love and Joy, and the awakening of Soul wisdom and confidence. This facilitation activates dormant potentials and higher desires, bringing the individual a clear sense of purpose and direction and allows life to flow with ease, freedom, joy and abundance. All issues simply clear themselves as their life stream moves into alignment with their higher Self and Source, and Becoming “Great” is just a natural outcome.

This comprehensive package will transform your life from the inside out.

  • Shaking out and Clearing;
    • Limiting programs and beliefs
    • Self-sabotaging thought patterns
    • Existence fears
    • Negative and critical thinking
    • Cellular memories from past traumas
    • Physical pains and dis-ease
    • Energetic discordance
    • Trapped emotional traumas and misbalance
    • Mental tensions and looping thought processes
    • Abundance blocks
    • Low self worth issues
    • The energies of wanting, trying, and hoping
  • Aligning and balancing;
    • The energy chakras and meridians
    • The mental body
    • The physical systems of the biological body
      • Nervous system
      • Endocrine system
      • Metabolic system
      • Digestive system
      • Circulatory system
      • Immune system
    • The Emotional and Intuitive body
  • Re-Connecting and Re-Enforcing;
    • Authentic Energetic Confidence
    • Self Worth
    • Your Expansive Nature
    • Abundance flow
    • The energies of Knowing, Accepting, and Allowing
    • Self Love
    • Joyful, Supportive, Easy Life Stream
    • Soul Wisdom
    • Spiritual Guidance
    • Higher Self and Unity Consciousness

Facilitating expansive transformation allows us to fulfill our Purpose and creates the greatest Joy.
We look forward to being of service to you.
This is your invitation.

#1 CHOOSE TO MOVE – Transcend Your Story and Embrace Change

($108.00 Value) Included with your purchase

English Information mp3 5:00min
Light Language Session mp3 23:13min

Choice is such a fundamental aspect of the human experience. It is the first step in manifesting anything. However many people don’t want to own their right to choose, so they choose not to consciously choose, and thus allow their life to be run by unconscious choice.

The frequencies in Choose to Move intentionally creates the energetic space where you can clearly feel that you are at choice. You will understand that you have always been at choice, whether consciously or not, and this will start to unlock your deep authentic power, the power to take ownership of your choices, and to consciously make your choices. The frequencies will also gently shake up your stories to help you see them for what they are, just stories. We will then help you to take the power out of the stories, and return that power back to you, so you can make your choice to move forward now, in this moment of the present.

#2 CLEAR THE FEAR with Ease and Comfort

($108.00 Value) Included with your purchase

English Information mp3 4:00min
Light Language Session mp3 20:26min

Mental fears are the stories from past events that were not pleasant or are based on what we have been told by others whom we believed. Many of the fears that come to our attention are not ours at all, but rather the fears of others that we take on energetically. Most of the fears that are still stored in our bodies are based on past life experiences, many of them horrendously traumatic, but are no longer relevant in the society and the collective energies of today. They exist within you only because you have not consciously let them go. Now is the time. We all need to lighten our load.

This session of Channeled Angelic Light Language will dive in deep and gently shake up and loosen the fears that have been paralysing you. The intention held in the frequencies of this session is to allow you to clear theses fears efficiently with ease and comfort.


($108.00 Value) Included with your purchase

English Information mp3 3:07min
Light Language Session mp3 21:33min

Physical pain can be extremely debilitating for so many beautiful people. Whether it is chronic back pain or a random headache, for most of us, that pain just sucks the joy out of our life. Very few people can see the amazing gifts that pain brings when they are suffering the pain.

Pain is supposed to be “a call to action” a powerful motivator to make change in our lives, to help us understand that the previous choices we have made have resulted in us becoming out of balance.

This session will help you to receive the information that pain is alerting you to, either consciously or not, so that the mission of that pain has been fulfilled, and it can be gracefully released. The frequencies will then support the healing of any damage to your physical body that has occurred, as well as address the underlying energetic misbalance. Allowing your physical body to return to health and balance.


($108.00 Value) Included with your purchase

English Information mp3 2:54min
Light Language Session mp3 23:51min

Emotional Traumas underlie many of the misbalance’s that show up in both our physical body and our mental body. Emotional Trauma is created when we cannot emotionally cope with, process, or understand an experience that has occurred in our past. Emotional traumas can be so painful or traumatic that they are deeply suppressed and all possible triggers are actively avoided. Of course the energies will always try to balance out thus resulting in physical and/or mental manifestations.

This session is then intended to easily, gently and comfortably release emotional traumas from where they have been locked away in the tissues and energetic structures of the body and support the enlightened processing of the memories of the experiences that caused the trauma. The mind is not capable of processing these events, so we invite your higher self in to energetically explain to the mind what has happened so the memories can be released, and this then allows the emotional energies to dissipate. It is a gentle organic process that will take some time, however the results are definitely worth it.

#5 UNWIND THE MIND and Find Peace

($108.00 Value) Included with your purchase

English Information mp3 3:13min
Light Language Session mp3 18:11min

In our society today, with all of the expectations we place on ourselves, mental tension, and the stress it creates, is at an all time high. It seems that as we go about our daily business our minds are becoming busier and busier trying to take account of all that we feel we should manage, and as our mind races around in ever tightening loops it literally winds itself up creating a restriction around the flow of our divine life force.

In this session ManTarA’s light language flows into your mental body and simply unwinds the mess of thoughts and impressions thus creating the space required to allow peace and clarity to naturally return. The intention of the session is also to support your physical body to deactivate the stress response and return to balance and harmony, and to encourage your energetic body to relax and allow the life force to flow freely.

#6 ACCESSING THE QUANTUM FIELD to Release Blocks, Beliefs and Limiting thought patterns

($108.00 Value) Included with your purchase

English Information mp3 2:42min
Light Language Session mp3 23:33min

Your mind cannot comprehend the quantum field, beyond time and space, beyond the rules and laws that govern our physical reality, but that does not preclude you from experiencing the quantum. In the quantum field you can change things in your life very easily, changing the energy and then allowing the change to manifest into the physical. To access the quantum you must be willing to go beyond the mind beyond what you can comprehend, and allow yourself to be mentally out of control.

ManTarA is always working in the quantum, and in this session creates the conditions for you to easily surpass your mind and the mental control by which you habitually live, so that you can have a transformative experience of the quantum and the realise the power of the quantum field. The intentions imbedded in this experience are to release all that is limiting your experience of yourself.


($108.00 Value) Included with your purchase

English Information mp3 2:46min
Light Language Session mp3 21:29min

The Solar Plexus Chakra, in the upper abdomen, is energy centre for the Self, self worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence. When this chakra is energetically strong we have the authentic confidence to hold our own space no matter what is going on around us.

Having authentic energetic confidence is essential if you wish to live in this world without being unduly influenced by it. If your energetic confidence is low you become like a sponge, picking up energies from many different sources outside of yourself. These energies include thought forms, fears, anxieties, and entities.

The intentions conveyed in the energetic field of this session are to do with clearing, balancing, and strengthening the solar plexus chakra and allowing yourself to feel confident in your very core. We will encourage you to allow this confidence to flow out through your being and into your life around you. Beyond fears and anxieties, confidently allowing your light to shine out and surround you is ultimately not only your best protection but also vital to manifesting abundance in your life.


($108.00 Value) Included with your purchase

English Information mp3 3:10min
Light Language Session mp3 21:min

The Universe is infinite, and there is an infinite supply of energy for all beings to tap into. Abundance is all around you always and it is only the resonance of your energetic field that is limiting you from experiencing more of it in your daily life. Building on the strength and confidence of the solar plexus, this session focuses on developing a strong sense of self worth, clearing the blocks to abundance, and anchoring into the flow that is there for you.

With a strong and healthy sense of self worth we will help you anchor into abundant flows of vitality, love, and money. The frequencies of the session will gracefully encourage these abundance flows to manifest tangibly in your life easily and quickly.


($108.00 Value) Included with your purchase

English Information mp3 3:29min
Light Language Session mp3 25:05min

Your outer world will always reflect your inner world. How you relate to yourself, how you habitually think about your self will create the relationships you experience in the world. It is impossible to feel truly loved and supported by another until you choose to truly love and support yourself.

This beautiful session is all about Love, developing Self Love and then allowing the universe to mirror that self love in all of your external relationships.

ManTarA builds on the strong foundation of the solar plexus to now work with opening and clearing the Heart chakra. Bringing through the frequencies to enhance the feeling of safety that has been developing through these sessions we can now gently and painlessly wash away the protective armor that you have placed around your heart out of fear in the past. Once the heart is exposed we will encourage and support the flow of your Love out from the heart through your whole being, loving yourself from the inside out. As your whole being starts to resonate with the vibration of self love of course you will attract people and situations into your life to compliment that vibration by loving you for who you are very naturally.

#10 ACCESSING SOUL WISDOM Through the Portal of the Heart

($108.00 Value) Included with your purchase

English Information mp3 3:27min
Light Language Session mp3 21:00min

Your Soul contains the wisdom it has gained from every experience it has ever had throughout the countless life times it has incarnated. Your mind in comparison has only the knowledge it has gained in this lifetime, and much of that is second hand, learnt from books or what others have told us. Obviously then, when it comes to making important decisions your Soul is far more better equipped than your mind to choose a path forward that serves you well.

Deep in the recesses of the Heart space there is a doorway or portal that links you to your Soul and the wisdom it contains. This session will create an energetic space that is conducive to you falling effortlessly deep into your Heart and connecting intimately with your Soul.

We will shake loose all the limiting beliefs you have around achieving communion with your Soul and help you to overcome your egoic minds habit of arguing with the guidance that flows through from your Soul.


($108.00 Value) Included with your purchase

Light Language Session mp3 19:58 min

Every label that we take on and identify with comes with a set of conditions that “should be” adhered to if we are to be worthy of owning that label.

Of course these conditions vary with personal and societal perceptions, so although the conditions that come with the label “good husband” will be quite well defined in each individuals mind, when you examine the range of conditions across the entire population of people who have a definition of “good husband” they will be diverse and indeed contradictory.

No matter what set of conditions you personally hold associated with any label those conditions limit what you can and can’t do or experience and still own the label.

When you take a look at all the labels that you own and then compile a list of conditions that go along with each of those labels it becomes very obvious why most people are stressed. Not only is the total list of conditions, that any one individual is trying to satisfy, exhaustive it is also very likely to contain many opposing beliefs.

So this session will invite you to renounce your labels and allow yourself to be free to experience your inherent divine expansive being-ness totally worthy just as you authentically are right now.

#12 Release, Reset, and Restore

($108.00 Value) Included with your purchase

Light Language Session 21:00 min

This Session is intended to work to clear your field of the discordance or density that is right on the surface of your field creating the stress that you are currently experiencing.

Whether you are experiencing emotional turmoil, mental anxiety, or physical discomfort, this session is intended to be like and emergency first aid treatment to Release the energies that have you stuck in that loop and allow a Reset to energetically occur, so that you can Restore a sense of peace and balance, and Regain your empowered confidence.

This Session is almost like the Light Language equivalent of the Rescue Remedy in flower essences, or doing a restart for your computer if it is running slow, and is going help snap you out of the intensity of the experience of the release that you are having so that you can breathe, expand, and find some clarity to continue with.

One of the major obstacles most people encounter on this path of ascension is the tendency to over identify with the unpleasant experience of the release of the past discordant energies that they have been carrying, And so this session can be a very powerful tool to bring more ease and grace to that transformational process so that your emphasis can come back to what energies you are choosing to align with and embody.

#13 Meditation Journey, Experience Your Divine Self

($108.00 Value) Included with your purchase

English Information mp3 2:10min
Light Language Session mp3 23:20min

Meditation has been a very important part of my personal ascension journey, and I have been teaching meditation from my yoga background for nearly 20 years so when ManTarA indicated we could incorporate a track like this in the package I was very excited. I personally love this track and listen to it myself often.

The intention of this mediative journey is to take you well beyond your mind into a very peaceful place where a deep intimate connection and communion can occur with the higher aspects of Yourself.

ManTarA uses angelic technologies to gently help disengage you from your egoic mind, if you are willing, of course we will never force you, It’s a gradual process, that will deepen the more you practice and really allow yourself to surrender to the process, your mind must feel safe enough to allow that. We will lead you into the meditation with English directions and then allow a beautiful soft flowing Light Language dialogue to take you on, deep into your Sacred Heart space where you can relax and experience. EnJoy.

#14 Authenticity, Purpose, and Courage

($108.00 Value) Included with your purchase

3 Recorded 90 min Group Calls

These group calls were recorded live. The first 60min is a delivery of information and a discussion of the topic in English, still with powerful intentions and transformational energies. The call concludes with a 30min Light Language session to create the conducive conditions for transformation to happen at a deeper level, beyond the mind.

This call discusses the challenges to living authentically. The Light Language session releases the most important energies that have been holding you back from being authentic, including indoctrinated belief systems, leading you to a more joyous life.

Purpose is a word that is seen as a "holy grail" of divine information. In this call, we redefine purpose as you expressing yourself in an authentic way in the world. The Light Language session creates a space where whatever limiting energies from your past that have been keeping you out of being able to show up in an authentic way and express that into the world in a purposeful manner can release

Responding to life in an empowered way takes a combination of courage, confidence, and intuitively following your guidance. This call talks about how these three aspects all come together and how to find the discipline to step forward into new opportunities. The Light Language helps you find the confidence to trust your intuitive guidance to be able to muster the courage to do all things despite resistance.

#15 Being the Greatness of You

($108.00 Value) Included with your purchase

English Information mp3 3:12min
Light Language Session mp3 19:49min

The personality has become so consumed in pleasing others to be good, right, or proper, in living up to roles and labels and expectations, all driven by and large by fear. Survival fear, which in our modern society has become twisted to include many situations that have nothing to do with physical survival, has most people so caught up in the stress of the whirling mess of mental thoughts, plans, and fears, that they are in no way able to relax and access the state of Being. And the concept of Greatness is also a sticky subject. Many of you have been indoctrinated in some time or another, with various beliefs around the merit of meekness, subservience, humility, sacrifice. Greatness by and large was a quality reserved for God and a very few humans.

So, the intentions that we bring to this session of Light Language, is to facilitate enough expansion and relaxation in your field that the indoctrinations and energetic limitations and fears that have you stressed and scattered and busy proving yourself worthy of survival can be released so that you can come to know and claim and just BE your Greatness in a very relaxed and Authentic way. Nothing to prove and nothing to hide, simply happy and content to be Great as You are.

#16 You Are Not Broken

($108.00 Value) Included with your purchase

English Information mp3 3:33min
Light Language Session mp3 20:33min

It is the intentions of this Mp3 to shift your perceptions, your mindset, your focus away from the problems that you are facing, so that you can really understand that you are not inherently broken and that focusing on trying to fix yourself is not helping you.

I know our society has trained us to do life by looking for problems and either trying to fix them or avoid them. And most of you have invested vast amounts of your time and mental energy in that pursuit. But I think most of you can conclude without too much persuasion that it has not worked very well for you.

What if you were not broken in the first place? What if the situations you have been trained to categories as problems were just the energetic opportunities to release energies that you are carrying that do not serve you? And what if your focus on these so called problems and deficiencies is actually maintaining and perpetuating them in your life experience.

Because in the eyes of the Divine you are not broken, you are not a sinner, you are not less than God in any way. You are in fact just carrying a bunch of “stuff” that is not you, and of course you feel even more “stuff” as you walk through the world that is not you, and as a result you are confused and a little lost in the illusion. Like a fish trying to climb a tree, you think you are a failure but that is only because you have been misguided as to what you would be better off doing.

You are not broken my friend, embrace the Truth, and Shine Your Light out Bright.

Being the Greatness of You

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Praise for Matt Andrews:

"So much gratitude to Matt and ManTarA! My 1-1 session was so phenomenal; feel I can’t do justice with my words describing it. Matt was so loving, patience, kind, and sooo supportive. ManTarA Light language speaks to my Soul so profoundly that I “cried a river”, so much releasing & clearing, so many insights, immersed in infinite Love, and support from Above. What I also love about Matt and ManTarA, is that they lovingly help guide us back to our True Essence, who we REALLY are, and effortlessly abiding in the Heart space of allowance, peace, unconditional love, support, and trust where the concerns from our “list” are irrelevant. I also quickly had a lot of breakthroughs shortly after working with Matt & ManTarA that helped me become even a better healer, shining my Light even brighter, and feel empowered to make several more powerful healing MP3s for which before I was definitely not confident before since these MP3s topics were way out of my comfort zone. Also, before my 1-1 session, just after listening to 3 of Matt’s MP3 early in the day, that evening I spontaneously started to speak similar Light language. This never happened to me before and the experience was so healing, filled with overwhelming joy and gratitude."
Jenny Ngo, RN, CNM, Dimensional Healing
"Matt, I don't know where I'd be without you and ManTarA, or honestly if I'd still be here. After many years of suffering and working with countless teachers and healers, it was only when I found you and took a leap of faith to invest in your program that my life began to turn around. The energy and guidance you gave me was so different -- so personal and effective -- that it provided exactly the "leg up" I needed to pull myself out of the dark spiral that had been consuming me and my body. How can I ever thank you enough for the dramatic change that has taken place since then and for the unfailing support you've given me every step of the way? You have literally given me my life back, and my love and gratitude are beyond measure!"
"That is the most amazing thing I've ever felt. It's hard to verbalise but that is sooo big - feels like it's removed tons of stress/fears from me, and that must have been much bigger than I realised. I feel tingly and lighter. Matt/ManTarA makes my heart dance with joy and I can feel the appreciation of being. I'm breathing better - Energy! Oxygen! While listening to the recordings I was tearing up, crying, feeling depressed, angry and upset. My body/feet and head buzzing. I felt terrible unbearable pain in different parts of my body - like terrible kidney pain going down my leg while releasing and dissolving tons of blockages and traumas - I'm in my 60’s. I know my fear addiction and money problems are clearing once and for all. I wish I had met Matt,ManTarA before wasting lots of money on other healing programs that only scratched the surface of my traumas/blockages etc.... Matt/ManTarA is the best teacher and guide I/you could ask for :-) !!!!"
Teresa, UK
"If you read no further, know this - I have never felt so support and cared for as I have with Matt and ManTarA. He is a gifted healer and a truly Heart centred, caring person. I had been dealing with pain issues on the side of my heard, massive stomach digestive issues (my stomach would bloat out to make me look 7 months pregnant), 50 plus pounds gained in the last year, deep grief issues... and the list goes on and on. I have been working with healers for the last 20 plus year and doing energy work Reiki, SRT etc, I have also taken several energy healer courses from popular healers and nothing has changed for long. Before my first session with Matt, just listening to the MP3 I was able to release a sadness, that was sometimes bordering on suicidal that would come up when anything hurt my feelings and was actually getting more intense as time went on ... gone, its gone. Since then I have been upset, and had my feelings hurt, but now I can deal with the situation with more confidence and peace. With my stomach and digestive issues, let's just say I was miserable, my stomach felt like dead weight. During my first session with Matt and ManTarA I could feel, (I am very sensitive to energy), the energy moving through my stomach and it was like my first 3 chakras where coming alive again. Since then I have released weight, and my health is improving every day. I first heard Matt speak during a tele-summit call, and the light language sounded familiar. I had my first session in mid to late April and I am writing this mid August. In that short time my inner life has change dramatically from dark to light, literally. The progress I have made with Matt and ManTarA in a few months has been extraordinary. I have had massive clearings, my digestion issues have gone from a 10 to a 3, weight is being released, my energy issues went from needing to take a nap every day, to getting through the work day feeling energized. I could go on and on about how much my life had changed and how much it continues to change. I now believe ... believe anything is possible. I feel the huge difference is that with Matt and ManTarA you are not just experiencing the energy clearings, Matt is also working with you as a life coach, and with the mental aspects, and this support in combination with the powerful energy work has brought real lasting changes. Thank You."
"Matt and ManTarA have helped me tremendously with facing my fears. With their guidance, I have an actual tool to work with versus letting my fears drown me. I've learned to surrender and work with the Divine directly instead of struggling and forcing to make something happen. They have helped me feel Empowered, Strong and Free to be myself. Thank You "
"I was involved in a horrendous car accident while traveling very far from my home. Fortunately, no one was hurt and only my car was damaged, but I was horrified because it was totally my fault. Mechanically there was no damage, so I continued on my way to where my son lives, but I was shaking and in shock. When I got to the place I was staying, I began to listen to Matt's recordings right away. I repeatedly played Release Emotional Trauma and Release Physical Pain. I was rather sore from being jerked around even though I was not injured and I was certainly in need of trauma release. I was amazed at how quickly the stress and trauma I was feeling melted and the soreness never developed into any discomfort. The recordings helped me to release the intensity of what I was feeling and allowed me to look at the situation from a higher perspective. I was able to visit with my family for the next few days and remain calm and peaceful without worrying about the accident or the extensive damage to the car."
"Working with Matt and ManTarA has been one of the best things I have ever chosen to do for myself. The MP3's are easy to work with and very empowering, allowing you to do the work that will enable you to become your authentic self and allow your Divine Light to shine out. For anyone who is truly seeking the path to Love and Light, I highly recommend investing in your self and working with Matt and ManTarA. Much love "

All of us here at REALRAWYOU and the Synergy Podcast are grateful for the contribution of our listeners and speakers, that's why we honor our speaker's great work. Due to the nature of digital programs refunds are unavailable. We rely on your authenticity and integrity as a listener to honor each speaker's digital assets as much as we do. We appreciate and thank all our listeners for understanding and respecting this guarantee.


Being the Greatness of You

$1728.00 regular program value - yours for 94% OFF!
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Need Help Ordering Or Have Questions?

If you have questions or concerns about the course, please contact us at 512.815.6222 or