Ascension Activations

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#1 Soul Realized: Unlocking the Sacred Keys to Becoming a Divine Human

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Meg Benedicte unveils astonishing insights about the history of humanity and our genetic coding. Her groundbreaking understanding of Bio-Energetics explains the causes of disease, depression and unhappiness.Learn how to transcend duality, master your holographic mind as an Alchemist, and activate the original human blueprint with Soul DNA so you can evolve into becoming a 12th -Dimensional Being!
Soul Realized unveils the missing link that will make The Secret and the Law of Attraction effective in helping the masses attain peace, love, happiness and abundance. It is not what you’ve been told!

Discover the hidden mysteries:

  • The Collective Holographic Mind has amnesia
  • The Karmic Cycle of Reincarnation is a trap
  • Victim consciousness sabotages love and prosperity
  • The root cause of disease is separation from the Soul

  • After reading Soul Realized, you will discover the sacred keys that unlock humanity’s evolutionary ascension and experience personal healing and transformation of your body, mind and spirit in ways you never imagined was possible!

    Based on REAL case studies and client sessions! Includes Powerful Meditations designed to activate Soul Realization and personal transformation.

    #2 Zep Tepi Alchemy Workbook

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    Join Meg Benedicte for a Spiritual Immersion in the ancient Art of Alchemy dating back to Zep Tepi Mystery Schools in Egypt. Zep Tepi is the ancient Egyptian tradition of Alchemy dating back to pre-dynastic time. Students of alchemical principles in the ancient Mystery Schools were introduced to the secret wisdom and became masters of Zep Tepi– the hidden mysteries of Creation (genesis). Zep means ‘time’ and Tepi means ‘first’.

    Zep Tepi Alchemy is the ancient method of activating the vacuum dynamics within the Quantum Vortex, where positive and negative energy collides to destroy matter and recreate new. Zep Tepi Alchemy provides users access to the untapped power of Zero Point energy, the source of Creation (genesis) in our Universe, and the secret Sirian technology required to shift gravitational fields and particulate matter. Over the years Meg Benedicte has developed, refined and time-tested the transformational method of Zep Tepi Alchemy and now teaches the technique to students all around the world.

    #3 Activate Quantum Access™ Meditation by Meg Benedicte

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    30 Minute Introductory Meditation to the Quantum Access technique.

    #4 *Quantum Access™ Invocation pdf download

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    #5 Morning Ritual Activation

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    Daily Morning Ritual Meditation for the busy gal and guy! Start your day with a quick 10 Minute Meditation to get grounded, connected and activated with the powerful Quantum Access™ Activations.

    Upload the Daily Morning Ritual Meditation to your iPod, iPad or smart phone and start your day powered up with the Zero Point Phi Harmonics in 432 hertz as the background tones during your morning activation. When human brainwaves synchronize with the heart in the frequency of Phi Harmonics, the human energy field achieves coherence …enhancing brainwave entrainment and inner communication with Spirit.

    Rise and Shine!

    #6 Getting Grounded Activation

    ($100.00 Value) Included with your purchase

    Feeling light-headed? Need to find your center and get grounded? Meg Benedicte will guide you through a quick 7 Minute Meditation to get grounded, connected and activated with the powerful Quantum Access™ Activations.

    Upload the ‘Grounding Activation’ Meditation to your iPod, iPad or smart phone. Your ‘Go To’ Activation whenever you need to get centered in your body, rooted to Mother Earth and powered up with the Zero Point Phi Harmonics in 432 hertz. When human brainwaves synchronize with the heart in the frequency of Phi Harmonics, the human energy field achieves coherence …enhancing brainwave entrainment and inner communication with Spirit.

    #7 Protective Container Activation

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    Your ‘Go To’ Activation to establish a strong, impenetrable Protective Container around your personal space. Meg Benedicte has created a quick 10 Minute Meditation to get connected with Soul Presence, build inner reserves of Life Force energy, and activate Crystalline Shields of Light containment with the powerful Quantum Access™ Activations.

    Upload the Protective Container Meditation to your iPod, iPad or smart phone…always available in a moment’s notice for additional protection and personal security. The meditation activations are enhanced by the Zero Point Phi Harmonics in 432 hertz as the background tones. When human brainwaves synchronize with the heart in the frequency of Phi Harmonics, the human energy field achieves balance, symmetry and coherence enhancing brainwave entrainment and inner communication with Spirit.

    #8 Still Point Activation

    ($100.00 Value) Included with your purchase

    As we move through the Ascension process, we need help lifting our mind/body into higher frequency and balanced stillness, so we can rise above the level of Ego resistance. When we use the Quantum Access™ Activations, we are training our atoms to spin counter-clockwise in increasing oscillation towards the speed of Light! This is the spin reversal required to Ascend out of 3D Time Matrix and into 5D Freedom!
    Our energy is changing in direction from the past to the future with the counter-clockwise spin. The Quantum Access™ Activations are encoded to shift you into an expanded state of Pure Presence, so you can access all possibilities in the quantum field.

    Quantum Access™ is the universal technology that provides the mechanics to accelerate and bend space/time… this opens our awareness beyond our physical world and unlocks us from the limitations of linear time and stuck energy. The transformative spin of the Quantum Vortex is constructed from a series of harmonics in the wavelengths of the Golden Mean, the Sacred Geometry of Phi, the Fibonacci sequence and the creational geometry of Metatron’s Cube.

    As we reach more accelerated energy frequencies, we start to live and breathe and perceive the world from Pure Presence! As the Observer! When we create Still Point Power in the mind, elevating the brainwaves to 24 hertz or higher, we can transcend the Ego personality. At this higher vantage point of Pure Consciousness, our hearts are filled with joy and unconditional love – observing everything with detached compassion.

    Quantum Access™ will transform the mind, body, spirit consciousness to gradually pulse at a higher frequency, now nourished by a new, sacred “food” source. When we use the powerful Still Point Power Meditation, we are creating a portal for the Soul to descend into the physical vessel into ONEness.

    In the neutral null-zone of Still Point Power we can merge the virtual-particle universe of Spirit into the particle universe of matter…creating balanced wholeness!

    #9 What people are sharing about using the Quantum Access Activations…

    ($100.00 Value) Included with your purchase

    “Meg Benedicte is on the cutting edge of consciousness and divine awakenings. She continues to astound me with her deep understanding of the Universe and the NEW tools she continually brings to the evolution of human awareness.
    Repeatedly, people who take part in her practices and programs report back to us incredible changes, transformations and awakenings. Meg opens up new dimensions of healing, transformation and prosperity for others with seeming ease. Many times for those who have previously been unable to awaken, heal or transform!

    She is a true master of this work and I recommend her for anyone who is interested not only deep transformation but a paradigm shifting understanding their reality. She will open you up to an infinite and all-loving ‘You’ …so get ready!

    - Darius M. Barazandeh, Best Selling Transformational Teacher and Host

    “I have been studying with Meg Benedicte as one of my primary spiritual guides for over two years now, and have found her to share the most advanced, clear, and grounded information/practical experience on Ascension available today. Not only does she thoroughly explain the process so my mind can understand, even utilizing concepts of quantum physics, she offers very perceptible guided Spiritual Activations, where my spirit and heart can fully advance. And her training is current for what’s happening right now on the planet.”

    - Debra Giusti, Entrepreneur of Transformational Businesses: Harmony Festival, Harmony Connections, Debra Recommends, Transforming Into The New Paradigm

    “Big bright lustrous golden star to you lady!!! Brilliant…brilliant..brilliant!! What a shift! And lots of clearing and understanding since too! This ricochets through everything in my life. Oceans of thanks Meg!”

    – Bron Evans, Australia

    “My session with Meg was way beyond the ordinary! Meg is a hidden gem whose mastery became even more evident during my private session with her. Her ability to pierce through the veils and illuminate truth where there was confusion was profound. I felt layers upon layers of energy shifting and expanding during my session, I literally felt timelines collapsing and new potential threads awakening that feel authentically aligned with my soul’s calling. The visceral experience that I had left behind any hinge of doubt that I may have had about the whether our work together was just another woo-woo experience or the real deal! I am recommending Meg to everyone!”

    John Burgos, Creator and Host, Beyond The Ordinary Show

    “I can’t begin to tell you the changes I have experienced in my own evolution since our session yesterday. Since you removed so many things from me and helped me understand my purpose, I have been communicating more easily with my guides and teachers. I have never felt so expanded. Thank gawd you had us ground because I think I would still be out there floating around somewhere!I feel such relief not having the codes of doubt surrounding me and their beautiful messages. You helped me remove that and I thank you again and again. Blessings on you and the Sirian’s for sending you here!!!”

    – Judy, California

    “Hi Meg, thank you for your wonderful work. Before I connected with your site, thanks to the starseed link, I was guided to counterclockwise energy around my body, and breath, this seemed to divert chaos at my job. Than I listened to you on the StarSeedRadio show. So grateful¦Something has changed in the past few days, major energy shifts. Blessings”

    – Pat

    “Thank you very much, enjoyed visiting your website and watching your videos. Thank you for your gifts; great food for thought. I love the meditation and .pdf file on how to activate the ascension process. God bless you. Warmly”

    - Gracie

    “The meditation vortex download really has helped me come into harmony and peace while working in chaos. I was so amazed after one meditation that I had such results. I have become a member and look forward to future webcasts and connections to your site, Thank You again”

    – Pat

    “I just watched the video on your site about Unified Field Theory…WOW! I LOVE IT!!! This is totally up my alley. Love & Light”

    – Elizabeth

    “I simply cannot get enough of the info, the meditation…feels like home…thank”

    – Karin, Netherlands

    “I am very happy to be writing to you today. I have benefited greatly from your work, and so appreciate that you have generously made it available on the internet. I have been on this path, like you for over 15 years. My path is different, as I can see my job going forward is different, yet your work resonates so tightly with me now, and has been the source catalyst of my shift across the “event horizon” or through the opening in the time/space continuum you refer to as the new earth. Your meditation/transmission template is quite powerful, particularly in the sequence it falls in my path. Thank you”

    – Cherie

    “Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel for the work you did for me on Monday. My body feels strong, solid and intact and I know I’m not leaking energy anymore, plus the feelings of lethargy and exhaustion are gone. I particularly enjoy the strong feeling of love coming from my soul family. It’s like being in a nice warm, fuzzy cocoon and I can go there simply with a thought. Thanks again”

    – Kathleen

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