I Regret It! How to Make Decisions Faster (and with less doubt)

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Just hopping on here with a little inspo!

Before I sold anything online, I had these thoughts

“I can do this.”

“I know I CAN it.”

“Well, I think I can.”

I had lists upon lists of ideas.

I had another list of possible titles and content.

I had plans, documents, spreadsheets, and hand-written notes, EVERYWHERE!

Even my browser tabs were bookmarked with people who had program that might contribute.

And yet, it took me 3 YEARS to launch my first online course because on some level I felt unsure. Unsure people would want it. Unsure what people would think. Unsure of how I would be labelled. Well, just unsure about my ability to lead and follow through.

Then, after getting a hard talk lesson from the hubby, I force myself to launch. AND within the first 10 DAYS of launching it, I had 80 hungry people wanting the course.

NO KIDDING?! I was shocked.

For all those years, I had doubted myself and I didn’t put my method, process and tools together until way later.

I’m wondering.

Have you spent too much time sitting on a new creative idea, because of some dumb limiting thoughts and feelings, like I had?

Have you been afraid because you don’t know what you could teach, offer and deliver that would actually help someone.

Are you worried because you think that will cost more money than you have to invest or that it will create?

If you would like some help in deciding the best project to take on, I’ve got you covered. I made a handout and video to take you through my Money Matrix process.

Let me tell you about the Money Matrix!

+ Find Out What Really Matters … GRAB THE SPREADSHEET PDF with the Money Matrix 🙂

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