Manifest Your Dreams

#1 Manifesting Your Soul’s Desires

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MP3 Audio Format, plus eBook
Four-Part Series, each one hour plus in duration (4+ hours)

Discover Your Soul’s Ultimate Purpose & Manifest Your Soul’s Desires

Have you ever had the experience of manifesting something you thought you really wanted only to feel disappointed or dissatisfied once you had it? Or maybe, you don't even remember what it feels like to have the desire to manifest something you really want in your life? Sometimes, the desire to have the things you really want is so frustrating and uncomfortable that you do not allow yourself to tune into your desires and create new and wonderful things in your life. Your desires are meant to expand you and are an important part of your life experience. In fact, they are your life experience! You are capable of living a life of joy, purpose, meaning, and abundance when you are aligned with the desires of your soul. When you are tuned into your soul’s desires, infinite supply becomes available to you at all times for the things that you need, and life becomes really fun for you.

Join The Council for this exciting, transformational, and guaranteed to be life-changing four-part workshop series on Manifesting Your Soul's Desires. This workshop series will help you discover how to tune into your unique soul’s desires, how to determine if a desire is a soul desire or a human desire, and what limitations hold you back from living a life of deep joy, purpose, meaning, and abundance, aligned with your soul's desires. Then the fun begins as you start allowing your life to unfold in perfect harmony with your soul's desires! This four-part workshop series is designed to help you apply this wisdom in your life once and for all and change your life!

This 4-Part Online Workshop will provide answers, tools, & processes to discover:

1. What Is Your Soul’s Ultimate Purpose & How To Tap Into Your Soul’s Desires
2. What Is The Greatest Manifestation Power & How To Harness It To Create Your Desires
3. How To Transform Your Life To Live Your Powerful Purpose & Manifest Your Soul’s Desires
4. The Step-By-Step Process To Change Anything In Your Life, Career, Relationships, Environment, Family-Dynamics & Location
5. What Blocks You From Accessing Your Life Purpose & The Desires Of Your Soul & How To Discover Your Deepest Dreams & Desires
6. Understanding Free Will Vs. Divine Will & How To Align With Divine Will To Manifest Easily
7. How To Connect Into The Infinite Supply That Is Always Available To You For The Resources You Need To Live Your Soul’s Desires
8. How To Activate Greater Levels Of Health, Wealth, Abundance & Love In Your Life
9. What Has Created Trauma & Drama In Your Life & How To Create What You Want Impeccably
10.Powerful Processes & Tools To Help You Shift Your Limiting Beliefs & Transcend Fear & Doubt So You Can Manifest Your Desires
11.How To Apply The Wisdom & Teachings So You Thrive & Begin Living A Life Filled With Love, Peace, Harmony, Purpose, and Abundance!

#2 Manifesting The Love You Want: Harmonious Relationships, Self-Love, & Finding The One

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MP3 Audio Format, plus eBook
Three-Part Series, each one hour plus in duration (3+ hours)

Are you ready to create harmonious relationships, cultivate greater levels of self-love, and find The One? This powerful, transformational, life-changing workshop includes the wisdom and teachings to manifest the love you want!

This 3-Part, Online Workshop, plus Q&A, will provide answers, tools, & processes to discover:

1. How To Create Harmonious, Conscious, Loving Relationships
2. How To Be Your Best-Self In Your Relationship & Bring Out The Best-Self In Others
3. Understanding Vibrational Resonance & How It Affects Every Relationship You Have
4. Transform & Heal Any Relationship In Your Life
5. Practices For Cultivating Greater Levels Of Self-Love & Self-Worth
6. Why Self-Love Is The Key To True Love & Happiness
7. Do You Have A Soul Mate & What Exactly Is A Soul Mate
8. Are There Soul Contracts & How Do You Know When They Are Over
9. How To Find “The One” & Keep Him/Her
10.Is There Such Thing As “Happily Ever After”
11.What Commitments Should You Be Making In Romantic Relationships
12.How To Communicate Transparently & Impeccably In Relationships
13.Discover Exactly What Is Blocking You From Receiving The Love You Want

#3 $50 Off Discount On A Private Session with The Council

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A Special Gift Just For YOU!!

How do you put into words an experience that has the potential to change your life forever? Sessions with The Council have been described as, “the single most important hour of my life,” “life-changing and profound,” “the most incredible gift of an entire life,” “exactly what I needed,” and “not word worthy to describe.” However you explain it, a session with The Council promises to be transformational, insightful, and the vibrational opportunity of a lifetime. Perhaps – like nothing you have experienced before!

Every session with The Council is unique to each person and their individual life experiences. The intention of all sessions is to provide you with valuable clarity, help you discover your soul’s ultimate desires, and remind you who you are, why you are here, and what you intended when you chose this life experience. Private sessions with The Council have the transformative power to help you transcend your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs once-and-for-all so that you can create the life you really want to live! Once you remember and experience the vibration of who you really are, anything and everything becomes possible for you. Your life will begin to change in exciting, inspiring, and miraculous ways!

Sessions range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. You may ask The Council questions about any topic or subject. Many have come to The Council to discuss topics such as; a new business or career path, healing health-related issues, recovering from a divorce or financial problems, improving relationships, matters with children, depression, overcoming childhood traumas, weight-loss, death of a loved one, understanding near-death experiences, and other major life events. Others feel a calling for something more in their lives and want to discover their life’s purpose or how to bring their own unique gifts to the world. And then, there are some who simply enjoy the vibrational experience of speaking with The Council about things as simple and enjoyable as planting flowers or painting rocks.

Manifest Your Dreams

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Praise for Sara Landon:

"Sara has the profound ability to get to the core of any situation and bring it back from chaos to wholeness and the essence of the truth that is illuminated by the only thing that matters; love. Whether in private session, reading her daily inspirations, or participating in her online courses, Sara’s work has been one of my main sources for my personal development since I met her. The shifts that I have personally experienced have been dramatically influenced by Sara’s and The Council’s capacity to hold and share the vibration of that which I also seek resonance with. Sara is a leader of leaders for the next generation of transformation!"
John Burgos
"Sara is an exquisite Channel with Masterful Wisdom, Integrity & Compassion. A session with Sara is like Coming Home to your own Truth. Allow yourself The Gift of A Lifetime."
Judy Cali
"I was introduced to an incredible channel who changed my life forever! I am so thrilled to have something so profound in my life. Sara’s passion to help humanity is unparalleled. Such love cannot be found on this planet. The Council’s wisdom is bringing our planet to another level of consciousness. Working with Sara has changed my life and I know it will change yours."
Sunnie Shae King
"Sara Landon and The Council are the next great mediumship on the planet! They will soon equal, if not surpass Abraham-Hicks in their reach and effect. If you have never listened to Sara and The Council, go to the archives and listen now. The messages are profound and direct as if they are talking specifically to you, even when they are not. If you have listened to them and have not had a one on one session with them yet, it is a must do!"
Brett Williams
"Being introduced to Sara Landon and The Council is like being introduced to a wish-fulfilling tree. As one who has spent their entire adult life on a quest for spiritual fulfillment and attainment, I am in awe of The Council and their love, life-changing wisdom, simplicity of instructions, and humor. Each webinar is more profound than the last. I am a huge fan and apply their tools daily to experience greater peace and joy in my life. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to have more peace, fulfillment, and joy in their lives."
Linda Ferguson
"I had an AWESOME experience with my hour session with Sara and the Council! The session with Sara and the Council was one of the most TRUTHFUL and UPLIFTING sessions I’ve ever experienced! I’d highly recommend a session with Sara and the Council to EVERYONE on the spiritual path!"
Sue F.
"Immersing myself in the wisdom of the Council has been an amazing experience. I think it is that not only are we hearing words of wisdom, we are being elevated energetically at the same time. There really is nothing to do but allow the transformation to occur, and it truly does. I am so in love with the Council. I am coming home and it feels so good."
Anna B.
"Sara Landon is a bright beacon of light in the world, and working with her has been an enormous blessing in my life."
Jack Armstrong
"Sara Landon is a beautiful ANGEL walking amongst us. She and her profound connection with Divine Source are creating miracles in many people’s lives. If you would like help polishing the Diamond that you are, I highly recommend Sara & The Council."
Christina DeRouche
"How can I describe to you a recent session that I had with Sara Landon who channels The Council? How do you put into words something that was so profound? After the session, in which every question and feeling was addressed, I felt that a deep, profound healing had happened with them. I was given the most incredible gift of my entire life having this session. I don’t say words like this lightly. This was life changing and profound."
Susan Joan Rini
"Sometimes an experience is beyond words to convey. It must be personally felt to be fully understood. I can only say that there is something uniquely liberating available when spending time with these energies who call themselves The Council. And Sara Landon gives herself fully to allowing this to come forth. I can only say that, as a result of Sara’s unwavering focused frequency of love, something permanently shifted for me."
Leslie Sherman

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Manifest Your Dreams

$444.00 regular program value - yours for 78% OFF!
Buy Now for $97 USD
100% Secure Payment

Need Help Ordering Or Have Questions?

If you have questions or concerns about the course, please contact us at 512.815.6222 or