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#1 9-week digital course

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Heal Your Core Trauma The White Wolf Way Almost every person in a body today has experienced a core trauma that set in motion a limiting core belief with a corresponding behavior system that while at one time was beneficial is now a block to accessing their deepest gifts, talents, strengths and abilities. As consciousness evolves it wants to clear out anything that is now limiting its ability to thrive, thus the time has come to Clear Our Core Trauma, personally and collectively.

#2 Initial Breathing Sequence

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This simple breathing technique is quite powerful and profound as it allows you to hold your conscious mind in still point and access the subconscious awareness of your body within just a few breaths. Please refer to this breathing sequence for any White Wolf

#3 Overwhelm

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The energy of overwhelm generally occurs when we experience a challenging time grounding the amount of energy or perceived responsibility coming at us at any given time. This clearing will assist you in accessing the very moment you first experienced overwhelm in your body and the belief you created about it at the moment of first inception. You will be able to see if it was your energy or an energy you took on from someone else. White Wolf will lead you through this clearing so you will be able to release the negative or stressful emotional charge around overwhelm and reground yourself in the gift of what overwhelm has been attempting to share with you now.

#4 Vulnerability

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The energy of Vulnerability has long been misunderstood. I personally have resisted Vulnerability for most of my life for the simple reason that I believed it to mean ‘Weakness.” I finally learned that being Vulnerable meant being completely honest and authentic about my deepest needs, feelings and desires which actually ended up being the path to my true strength. This journey will take you through the first moment you experienced Vulnerability and the belief you developed about Vulnerability. White Wolf will lead you to the other side of your Vulnerability journey so that you reconnect with the power contained in your Authentic Vulnerability Essence.

#5 The Mask

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The mask is something that anyone who has experienced a trauma generally puts on to keep their damaged instinctual self safe. Think of it like the original operating system of a computer experiencing a virus and only being able to open in safe mode. The computer will still work but it’s not operating from the original operating system. We create the Mask as a way to fit in, be accepted, and survive the trauma. Often the trauma happened when most of us were very young and didn’t really recognize that we experienced the trauma let alone that our ego created our Mask to keep us safe. During this journey White Wolf will lead you to the moment you first created your Mask and then assist you in reconnecting with your Instinctual Essence so that your being becomes fully integrated back with your original operating system.

#6 Anger

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Anger is a very misunderstood and misinterpreted energy. During my work with Access Consciousness I learned that anger is actually an emotion that comes up when someone crosses our boundaries and is telling us something that is not true for us. White Wolf taught me that humans use anger as weapons to injure or attack one another. She also taught me that in the White Wolf Way anger is misguided and it is not the same as being potent. When a Wolf corrects she does so out of clarity of a behavior not being acceptable on any level not out of personal attack. White Wolf leads you on this journey to the first moment you experienced anger and assists you in seeing what the root of that anger was and how to release the energy of anger that blocked your direct connection with the authentic power of your Instinctual Leadership Essence.
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#7 Guilt

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Guilt is an energy we often are shamed into or take on from another person. Guilt is often an energy we use to control or manipulate others. Babies don’t know what guilt is as they are free and spacious beings living in the present moment. Wolves don’t do guilt either. During this journey White Wolf will lead you to the first moment you felt guilt and will assist you in seeing clearly who the guilt actually belonged to. She will then facilitate you in clearing the guilt and reconnecting you with your Authentic Instinctual Leadership Essence so that you can put down the baggage of guilt and travel lightly.
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#8 Not Enoughness

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The energy of feeling like “Not Enough” is a very common in our world today. This energy often functions at a deeply subconscious level where most people continue trying to fill the empty hole or void they feel inside with outside things, stuff, relationships, work, etc. all so they can distance themselves from feeling like “not enough.” This is an energy that can keep most people on a perpetual treadmill that eventually breaks down and causes depression. White Wolf will guide you on a journey to assist you in accessing the first time you experienced a feeling of “not enoughness” and lead you to facing and healing that lie. She will look directly into your soul reconnecting you with the source of your enoughness as she reminds you at the most primal and cellular level how enough you are and always have been.

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